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  1. It seems like people are taking having to turn down the AI as some sort of emasculation when it's really just the natural march of a yearly developed sports title, like they cant let you just beat the game from back in 2018 every year, the AI has to get faster. If you have to lower the level to compete and enjoy the right level of challenge for you, that's expected, not something out of the ordinary.
  2. A quick example of where they miss the mark even in Braking Point itself, I'm in the first handful of chapters, and there was all this talk in emails of this interview and photoshoot I was going to do, and how the guy doing it had been trying to get a hold of me and etc. etc. and I thought oh cool a little fun off track thing maybe it'll be a few cutscenes or something like the Will Buxton interviews etc. In the end it was an email saying hey what a great interview, lol. And that was it. All that faff about it in the game world, and it was nothing but another bland email to read. I did not par
  3. I'm told in my report on this that they're working on a fix so hopefully next patch guys
  4. KNT2011


    Codemasters clearly puts a lot of time and effort into ensuring the games are playable on a controller, and not only playable but feel really good to use. This is across all their games and they should be applauded for that. Try using a controller on Assetto Corsa or Project Cars and come back and say they are "moving away from the controller side and just focusing on steering wheel players". Yes it may be doable but not straight out the box in the Way CM titles are. "F1 2020 the handling was perfect but this year the handling is the worst in the series so far ", this is total hype
  5. I just caught something going into the Austria hairpin where it looked like the trees would go on forever but I don't think I'm clever enough to capture it in a screen unfortunately
  6. I thought you were supposed to be playing Pastor. Complaining to the stewards, sheesh, The Mal would have stuck him in the wall.
  7. 6 attempts to join ranked sessions loads me into empty ones. Finally loads into a busy session, I go to join, too late. It's such a niggly little frustration that builds up over however long you try to play for. I say busy it has 7 players. CM must see the numbers are shocking atm. Where is the patch.
  8. Of course there's going to be intentional griefing because they've realised they're not ghosted and are taking advantage. I just gave up finding a decent lobby last night, on Playstation, 4 days after official release, couldn't find a decent enough lobby to race in. Says it all. Alex Gillon covers it here though he's mostly talking about lobby joining rather than the lack of ghosting etc. as he's just too fast to really notice all that lol
  9. Happening a lot at the mo and unfortunately harming the online experience as if you have a good lobby, you're gone after one race, and it's not easy to find another currently. Hopefully this fix comes soon.
  10. Ranked has always been chaos, I get that. If you enjoy it, you embrace it to some degree. However, no ghosting for spinning or out of control cars, Ai controlled cars due to players disconnecting, or backmarkers is causing far too many wrecks even off the starting line to render ranked online basically unplayable at present. Especially with the damage model currently in place meaning the slightest contact can put you in the pits for a new wing, ruining a 5 lap race, and harming chances in 25%. Encouraging more brake checking behavkour than we had in 2020. Each funny in a sing
  11. The way it matchmakes is not ideal, can be very frustrating. GT Sport had this down years ago. Track is whatever, race is in 10 minutes you can go put a qualifying time in or practice or wait. But when you join you're getting a full lobby cos the races are set times (every 10-15 minutes or whatever it is) (and this wouldn't be difficult to do with F1, just randomise the races every time and have 2/3 to choose from at any given time) But no you can go from lobby to lobby where it's just you, just you and two other people for a 25% race, and then.. a busy lobby! But you're too l
  12. Fixed then I didn't know you could upload videos!
  13. Very proud of this one, that's reflexes from hours of online play, I knew he would do it F1® 2021_20210719161324 (online-video-cutter.com).mp4
  14. KNT2011


    Not to log a bug report as I barely listen to the guy anymore but, he's a bit all over the place at the mo, just me or? Telling me to exit the pits when I'm half way through the out lap Telling me about damage that doesn't exist Randomly throwing out times "2.3 seconds ahead' uh okay Being completely wrong with giving me the timing info for the car in front, consistently off by a second, fine for one behind though. "There's rain on the way" it's literally raining right now, Jeff but cheers. Could do with a checkup or maybe he is finally going senile.
  15. https://store.steampowered.com/app/415200/Motorsport_Manager/
  16. KNT2011

    PS4 game lag

    No lag on the pro, not seen it mentioned elsewhere. Make sure you have 15-25GB at least on the drive it's installed on. If you are running an external drive, it's likely better quality than the one in the slim, move the game to your external drive. Try re-installing the game if none of the above helps. There's tips on youtube if you search to speed up the PS4 if you have had it for a long time that can be worth a look.
  17. Dunno man that's pretty yellow to me. According to @Patteyh99link above, converted from a Lotus PDVSA advertising poster, their gold is 22 - 119 - 152
  18. Forgot about that, you can make it 2D as well so it's less intrusive on your screen.
  19. A technicality? You have two choices in GP mode right, you can race the full championship as licensed by FOM OR you can create a 'custom' championship which doesn't present itself as the official 2021 FIA Formula One World Championship la dee da. Where MyTeam etc. does present itself as the official championship season for 2021, even if you can remove some tracks - the remaining GP's will always happen on their 2021 date. And since the game only ever presents it as the 2021 season, even if it's 2029, it still has to be under the same agreed licensed structure. If that makes se
  20. Well it's typically a little before, but you get the idea, it needs you to be at certain speeds at the entry, apex and exit that it considers optimal for that corner to achieve passing results. Which is going to be even more difficult it you're still learning. In the end I agree it should be available for every race weekend as it is such a basic reminder of the track layout and optimal line for those who know it but just need to get a feel again before attacking faster times and preparing for qualy.
  21. It doesn't tell you it's something to aim for though. To achieve green / purple results you MUST brake at the first gate and you must go through the middle gate at a certain speed, accelerating out of the thrid gate at a certain speed to 'pass' the turn. It's far more rigid a learning tool than the racing line and if you are learning, then you've probably failed the practice program, you're going to do that at every track if that's your learning tool, hurting your career. Again, fair enough, if people can get something out of it, great. I tend to use it as a reminder of the optimal line
  22. Fair enough if people are using it to learn tracks, and I admit it came after I already had learned most tracks, but it doesn't seem to me to be the best way to do it. It's more a minigame than anything else. I would say laps done with the racing line on while you pick out your breaking points before removing the line and going form there would still be the best way. (taking as long as you need to do this of course) Track acclimatization often forces you to take non-optimal lines if you weren't perfect on the previous section, meaning you can't learn to adjust to the different lines
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