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  1. `It was only in 2020 that I caught the online racing bug so this is my first full 'season' if you like, and it seems that because everyone is starting at an equal point I'm seeing way more drivers who will end up low bronze in a while and I'll never see them again, but until that point, welcome to hell lmao.
  2. Seconded for the handling I'm pretty much addicted to doing laps on this thing and getting as close to the edge as possible. Hopefully we can try and keep this thread about the positives, there's plenty of space for people to complain elsewhere and they certainly will do. We all have this magic idea of where the game should be in our heads we often forget just how good the game is now and how far we have come in the history of F1 games. I played this all day yesterday pretty much outside of some park time for the young'n and I'll no doubt do that many times over this game cycle, me
  3. Hopefully it will covered along with lapped cars not ghosting either, it seems like the introduction of the social lobbies has perhaps knocked the options off for the standard ranked ones, I don't know but fingers crossed it's an easy fix. I can take madness into the first couple of turns, you expect it, am ready for ti as much as you can be, but it's the bloody start man come on
  4. Been pointed out in the chat forum that spinning out cars are not ghosting either at the moment.
  5. Lads, it's the literal START OF THE RACE, how have things gone so wrong on the STRAIGHT I'll be forever at a loss at how such levels of doh! are achieved in online races, you only have to go in a STRAIGHT LINE As you may see my wannabe Williams at the top is boxed in by the madness I couldn't avoid it sadly, lost a wing but half the lobby was gone so that's a plus I guess
  6. I just don't think this is a Codemasters decision tbh. IF so, we may have seen this done a while ago. It's always struck me as a FOM requirement, the game must present the season as is promoted and branded by F1. We've seen some leeway given in terms of number of tracks ina. season but each grand prix still has to be on it's specific weekend as promoted and branded by F1. Hope I'm wrong, maybe they can figure something out with FOM, but it's always felt like it's out of Codies hands to me.
  7. 200 people on the game?
  8. Real Sport has about half the tracks up now at https://racinggames.gg/f1/f1-2021-release-date-gameplay-trailer-early-access-my-team-tracks-editions-price-uk-ps5-xbox-pc-steam/#F1_2021_setups As always they're pretty balanced and good to build from. High rear wing and their camber settings are most of note. So far this really comes down to not thinking you can attack kerbs that aren't flat anymore, you'll likely need new lines through those or at least more considered throttle control. If you have to slow down AI so you can slow down at the parts that are causing problems, it's your
  9. Today's store livery gave me some Williams vibes when I started playing around with it
  10. Don't bring back classic cars if it's just to put the same old cars in the same old section with the same old features. Like, just keep an older copy of the game on your console/PC if you want that same experience. What is the point now, we've seen it. DO bring classic cars back if it's going to be updated and additional to the game, I'd go for paid DLC even, with the ability to have a full grid from one or multiple seasons on tracks that have been designed to be historically accurate, and for good measure a TV broadcast representative of the time and now EA is here, let's dig out some o
  11. yes there's an option in game setup called F1 entry requirements which dictates if you'll need to do well in F2 to open up more F1 team offers.
  12. Yeah they have dug in on the silly schemes this year. They have however given us the nicest helmet I've ever seen to use. With wonderful detailing and very realistic design. I wish they'd put this much effort into the ones they think we should spend money for!
  13. Definitely the best in a few releases. Last years was not it..
  14. They just named after them mate so under suits, you should have Adien's, Devons's and Caspers for example.
  15. If you did you'll have Devon's crimes against fashion available in your customise bit
  16. I've logged it as a bug, below is the link if you want to add your experience to the thread It's listed as 'with developers' so hopefully we get a fix next patch.
  17. You might want to log it in Report an Issue if you have time mate, with your experience of it. Otherwise I'm glad to hear, or there'd be some arbitrary handling difference we can't calculate or compensate for and I couldn't deal with that haha.
  18. Agreed. Bring back refueling as well for longer stops.
  19. I mean you can cut some corners to achieve the same effect, but yeah looks it's not going to even out either, the majority of the playerbase is going to be in C/D safety rating as the scoring system for it just leans towards that as an outcome. There are things that could be done to change it, but they've been suggested before, and not implemented for this game. So it is what it is sadly.
  20. My attempts at trying to turn today's store livery into something I could actually use have taken a sinister turn đź‘€
  21. I wouldn't build off 2020, I've been going from the defaults. So far higher rear wing has served me well, about 3-4 notches higher typically Full front camber, low rear and brake pressure down from 100 last year to about 95 this, bias left at default. Worth putting out I'm not 100% going to speed, more comfort and competitiveness, but I still think these will make a good start to be tweaked per track and for your own goals.
  22. Hmmm, I thought these presets were just to change what options were actually available, not affect the handling if the same options are selected. @BarryBLCan you confirm on this? Standard and Expert shouldn't feel different on track if you have the same assists etc. selected, right? If so then perhaps it's a bug.
  23. For all I've defended the mans cutscene model, this is just wild Baring a striking resemblance to my father who is in his early 80's
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