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  1. Yet to start a driver career or championship but this is great news. Consistently did my head in so much I had a whole spreadsheet last year of AI levels for different tracks.
  2. Having 0 awareness of what you're buying when spending a decent of cash is not a good trait either, not going to tit for tat with you lad, jog on.
  3. Which again was publicised well before release. Having a blast with the game, as are many others, we should wait though because you expect things to be as they always were in times when they can not be.
  4. Tracks take a long time to make, they have to produce 3 from scratch in a time where they may not and in some cases definitely will not have unlimited access to the tools and locations they need to do the normal job. It is not every year that the F1 calendar changes so drastically almost on a whim every other weekend, for years of F1 gaming in fact the calendar has been pretty stable. The agreement reached with FOM is they will provide the calendar as agreed at that time but the 3 new tracks will need to come later as the time and resources needed to do it just isn't there. They have been up f
  5. You might want t have a look at this And add your voice and details to it if it's the same issue? Either way it's logged as with developers so they're aware of it.
  6. The lack of any improvements to customisation is a big misstep really. I appreciate it would take some work to open up more slots on the car or make us able to change the sizes of the sponsors, use different colouring styles etc. it would make a massive difference especially in MyTeam. The same with allowing more customisation of the suit gloves and helmets when it comes to sponsor decals. I'm very surprised there was a team set to task on improving all of this which is well loved by the playerbase. If you go look at the multiplayer cars available in F1 2019, these are covered in c
  7. Worth keeping in mind we're not at 1.1 yet, Deluxe Edition basically gave early access and a chance for a good amount of players to log bug reports and feedback before the official release date. It is a bit surprising to not have something ready to go to iron out anything noticed on or around launch time, but we'll see what comes today.
  8. You're playing Social Play mate, you need to be under Ranked for the competitive races. Social Play is beginner friendly, no collisions.
  9. Still though I don't see why this wasn't done. Complete Breaking Point, unlock the characters to use in career mode etc. Shocked if no one in CM was putting this idea forward. It's the same with not being able to use the icons, it's such a clear win, I don't understand how it didn't happen.
  10. Shouldn't be accelerating on these But 2020 as long as you were pointed the right way, you were good.
  11. Stick with it mate, I was a bit like a fish out of water at first but I'm hammering in the laps now and learning which kerbs to attack and which to take a different line for. It'll come to you, it's not a huge leap. The tracks are far more alive, bumpy, unbalanced. Car is heavier and feels more weighty to move into corners and the new tire model will wake you up if you're getting too comfortable. All in all loving the driving this year.
  12. KNT2011

    DRS Graphic

    When you press it looks pretty damn cool lighting up around the hud like liquid moving down through tubes, maybe that's the nerd in me haha
  13. I found Catalunya very tricky and France, surprisingly, was trying hard to chuck me off but cos I'd always viewed france as foot down, lift occasionally, maybe that's why.
  14. After a few more races it seems to be those used to just putting their foot down no matter the location, angle or balance of the car that are having the most trouble. I know, that was me on 2020 lol, it just didn't punish you for it outside of a couple of notorious kerbs (Bahrain, Hungary). Now that I've got used to making sure I'm on tarmac before I put the pedal down, or at the very least on flat 'run off' style kerbs first, and just watching I'm not taking rounded or pointed kerbs in a way that would cause me to spin, it's a lot easier. Just takes some getting used to if you're
  15. I've reported. a bug with lapped cars not ghosting after one took me out, which is just great, but otherwise wasn't expecting big changes to penalties. I suspect the new damage and handling models will make a difference, even just slight damage to the front wing and it's tougher to get around the lap, we should see people avoiding contact a lot more (not everyone of course) once they start to realise this.
  16. I think that's the finished feature mate, massive disappointment.
  17. Really need to change your title to 1.04 or people will be after your blood
  18. So far most of them can barely get off the line without going sideways, nevermind turn 1, by the time I got there it was fairly quiet
  19. IF you've checked the mail and there's nothing there, restart the game. It's just a small glitch I think.
  20. That is damn nice, what livery is that? I thought I'd recognise all from the opening selection but can't place this one without the game in front of me.
  21. KNT2011


    I mean, okay? I suppose I can't think of another scandal They have said multiple times they won't be updating the Spain or Aussie circuits this year though, most people posting here are over it.
  22. I'm totally there with you an spirit and I'm probably 90% enjoying the driving more than 2020. However, if last years Kerb difficulty is 1 and this years is 10, I think we should be at 7/8. I'll get used to it as is, but it is a touch too unforgiving for me.
  23. Would make me think more of the old fruit salad sweets
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