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  1. Think it's not bad actually, there's not a whole lot of good options so far this year mind. Wanted to use this colour scheme for ages!
  2. Need to log it in the correct place or it won't get picked up mate https://forums.codemasters.com/forum/140-report-an-issue/
  3. Believe me I'm not haha, certainly not a pack leader most of the time. This guy had obviously messed up his race and was looking to take it out on others, not a good addition to online play!
  4. It's not mate as it's just the standard ranked lobby so options can't be changed. It's always been that lapped cars are ghosted to avoid griefing, it must be an oversight / bug maybe caused when the new social play was created as I can't imagine why they would open it up this way.
  5. Same mate, it's pretty disappointing! Take over Max vs Lewis for the rest of the championship, is all we really needed. I don't know who the final versions is for tbh!
  6. A detailed description of the issue. When taking a custom car to time trial the sponsors on the car are changed to different ones, are duplicated on top of each other, or otherwise cut off as they are not the correct ones for the slot they are in. Report Code None Platform? PS4 PRO Game-mode? Customisation and Time Trial What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. Restarted session, restarted game - problem is either resolved by this or the issue persists just with different sponsors or the issues move aro
  7. Even as a none MyTeam player, Catalunya is a very difficult drive this year. Really can't abuse the curbs on those first and final sections and the lack of downforce make the middle sector hard work.
  8. There's no RGB which was a nice bank looking sponsor for the sidepod or DuoTone which was a cool smaller logo for the back of the car, looked very professional. There was a also a signature style one that was good though I forget the name, that's gone too. It's disappointing if I'll end up having to 'earn' these back on Podium Pass.
  9. As previous: Barry confirmed this yesterday It's not supported on XBox due to technical lmiitations
  10. Barry confirmed this yesterday It's not supported on XBox due to technical lmiitations
  11. A detailed description of the issue. When returned to a ranked lobby after race, either 5 Laps or 25%, the following glitch appears on the screen: I can quit out at this point and just go to Home screen but if I press X it crashes me out with the code CE-34878-0 Report Code Error code CE-34878-0 on Ps4 Platform? PS4 PRO Game-mode? Online Multiplayer [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag as many people who were in your session here. Don't know, 10+ [ONLIN
  12. Real Season Start is under Single Player Driver Career where you either choose to start from the first race or 'real season start'. Your created driver simply replaces the real world driver and you pick up from there.
  13. A detailed description of the issue. Well I just got my front wing took off by a lapped car just going slowly and presumably waiting for a car to pass to attack. Fun times! Using Ranked online, 25% distance race. Not one occurence though, every race where lapping has happened the lapped cars aren't ghosted. Neither are the cars where the user has disconnected and the AI is driving. Report Code None Platform? PS4 Pro Game-mode? Multiplayer. Ranked online 25% [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players for
  14. 100% also removing some of the sponsors so they presumably can be dished out in podium pass is a big no. But yeah at it's very basic level, let us resize sponsors and colour the suits independently.
  15. You can't do it twice can you? If you've done it, it's finished mate until next race.
  16. There's less downforce on the cars and the new tire model means grip isn't on rails like 2020 was (fun as it could be). Getting round a lap is certainly more of a challenge, a welcome one IMO. You;ll get quicker as you get used to it and when you nail a setup that lets you go flat out around there again it'll feel twice as good.
  17. It is a shame though. Seeing a group of birds jetting it out of the trees as you fly down the back straight at Monza was just a nice touch to have to bring the world to life.
  18. I don't think they will mate, would make less sense to remove and then put back. As you can see, no one else is really talking about this. I think like commentary removed from practice and qualifying, it's to save space for other things, perhaps new damage model etc.
  19. It's one of the nicer ones (default colour aside) so definitely worth having. I wish they would include unique designs more often instead of just stripes of various types. Designs like Akkerman's that we were able to customise would be really cool
  20. This is what you get I believe, along with matching helmet and suit etc. I think I remember having to go through and accept each part, perhaps it's in your inbox still?
  21. Put of interest, what are some examples of games being hugely improved graphically on PS5? I was watching someone play the latest MotoGP and it looked exactly the same as PS4.
  22. 1. Imola is going to be a blast on multiplayer, can not wait for this. 2. Portimao I've never driven on any game before so interested in this. 3. Jeddah less for the track more just because it's some new stuff to see and experience, basically the same as Hanoi last year. Really hope these come soon, they'll add so much to the game.
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