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  1. I know you're a big fan of Championship Edition and you'll know that game was released in 2007, but still presented the 2006 season. I often wonder if CM did something like that, they'd have to shut down the forums and board up the offices. There'd be riots in the (virtual) streets
  2. I know we've played a lot of the same games over the years so the track being built right before our eyes is something we probably overlook as it's just how it was with the tech that was available. I do think it helps me appreciate when a game genuinely looks good though, and F1 looks good. I always wonder how those who complain the the Aston Martin gloves are not 100% accurate would have coped with games of the past, with F1 games that didn't even have real drivers and tracks were sketchy at best.
  3. As a player on PS4 Pro I've not noticed any pop in while racing, Even down the main straight at Monza you can still see all the trees and other trackside details down past the first chicane. If there is pop-in, it's minimal and I have to admire those able to look that closely while driving to notice it, wheras it is often obvious on other racing games but doesn't take away the enjoyment for me personally. As you said in OP you play on PS4 now, so you know it looks great 👍
  4. Bottas got someone on the payroll internal. All those stats and updates meant for Lewis just keep being mysteriously applied to Bottas every patch.
  5. This is exactly it. I don't care about people's opinions on online play, it's totally irrelevant if someone personally enjoys it or not, there are a lot of us who do and we deserve a working product just like the rest of the playerbase. It doesn't have to be at the expense of anything or anyone else, it worked on 2020, it should work now, and we are allowed to vent on it if it doesn't.
  6. KNT2011

    Prestige 1

    However they do it, it would make sense to do actually do it. All it would mean is those players geta. headstart on the next podium pass, they'd still have to pay to get the paid stuff (or have saved up enough coin or whatever) so it's not like CM loses out at all, they just get access to the free stuff earlier and as they've played far more hours, I don't see why that wouldn't be fair. It's not like the stuff is all that prestigious let's be honest.
  7. Most reviews I read were supportive of the idea but criticised the story for lacking any edge, which is something I hope they take on board as I'm not against the idea on it's own but what they delivered was boring as hell.
  8. It's just sad mate cos as primarily an online player, at the moment I don't want to play the game. My experience with those modes just puts me off starting any kind of single player mode as well, driver transfers a mess if you start a career, it just isn't something I look forward to checking in on at all. I wanted to do the weekly event yesterday which was okay for me for the most part, but filling in time around my two attempts I was trying to do some normal online races and it was a total ballache throughout. I never got a race with more than 5 players which is just embarrassing
  9. Edit My bad I didn't realise it was a video
  10. A crack at a Jaguar style design Not happy with how the orange sits on it but it'll do for now
  11. Just as an example of the online Ranked experience. I'm currently Safety Rating A and Driver level 1 notch silver It's about midday here on a sunday so a good time to find some races, however this was my last hour: This is giving about 30 seconds or a minute or so between attempts to join a new session each time, just checking social media and giving it a chance to 'refresh' or whatever. Lobby of 3 cars - Race in progress lap 3 Single player lobby Same Lobby of 3 cars - Race in progress lap 5 Same Lobby of 3 cars - Race results Single player lobby Lobby
  12. A little simplicity is hard to find this year. Interestingly, this is a 2020 livery so hopefully we'll see a few more available as well as I'm still preferring last years creations so far.
  13. If it's been removed entirely putting it 'back' in may be far more work than we realise. I'm assuming they expected loading to be almost instant and so removed it in anticipation, not realising that most players are a while away from that performance level yet.
  14. KNT2011

    Prestige 1

    Look like something out of Civ 2 Let us roll the XP over for sure, it's currently meaningless.
  15. Just didn't do it for me and knowing how much I do not want to touch the mode again I applaud you for gutting it out to the entirely predictable ending. Grid Legends looks better as it's live acted and at the very least will be unintentionally hilarious, if F1 is going to keep these things, at least make it interesting and something different.
  16. Heat 4 and 5 has basically the same career mode, I think you'd really enjoy it mate. Be a driver with a full character creation suite, start at the very bottom series in the dirt, go on to build your own team, do your own liveries and sponsorships across all of the series, and get video messages and things from the real drivers when you hit certain milestones as well as them kicking off about you crashing them out in hilarious twitter style messages, it's a blast. Can probably pick up one or the other on sale at the mo.
  17. Aa long time Heat player I'm certainly looking forward to a fresh start. From what I've seen it looks promising, with some concerns as well and I'll deifnitely be checking some streams before jumping in at launch. This is a great Youtube channel for news and breakdowns of the various parts of the game we've seen so far and he's been hands on with it as well, although with limitations. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjTmixhvYu3JDKZPtjJ8Jjw Career mode seems bare bones which is concerning as Heat had done very well at this on 4 and 5, online though on Heat was always atrocious so I
  18. KNT2011

    Opmeer Vid

    Do hope you're enjoying the races at Dragon Trail this week on GT mate, those boys sure know how to make a track from scratch. What a blast that is to drive.
  19. Funny reading as mostly an online player as any self respecting ranked player would have punted you off over the fence and into the next town for having the audacity to think you could overtake without incident. Seriously though, it's a ****** incident but it's hardly an indictment of terrible AI. the game is regarded as having some of the highest level in racing games but of course you're racing against code, it's going to seem like it's doing dumb things from time to time. It's the right driver to do something wrong though, and in racing you have to be able to accept that **** ha
  20. Yeah, a couple of tools to help here. If we take a photo of the colour scheme from google such as And then we can use https://html-color-codes.info/colors-from-image/ to get the HEX code for the blue, in this case #ADE4F8 Entering that into https://formula1color.com/ which was made for 2020 but works the same for the new game we get: Hope that helps, been huge for me in getting the right colours I'm looking for pretty quickly and accurately.
  21. Do you ever give up position to the aI? Just curious.
  22. KNT2011

    Opmeer Vid

    Indeed, there seems to be an expectation among regular players that they should be able to turn off something like ABS and immediately go faster and if not then 'assists are overpowered', when in reality it takes mastering (or at least hitting a serviceable level) of the technique to get that advantage.
  23. Be nice if they would inform the rest of us lol. You know, the vast majority of the playerbase.
  24. I've not noticed this personally though I do tend to avoid Circuit de Right Angles as much as possible
  25. Not saying I can take 2020 lines again and hammer the kerbs without consequence but just clipping them seems to cause less instability than previously. Might be just me, I did have a break from the game but it doesn't feel as in a rush to spin you round anymore. anyone else shared this or I've just been lucky? Turns 6 & 7 at Bahrain, kerbs were a rollercoaster on launch, seems like we can use them again, for example.
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