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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing what players get from the upgraded PC, PS5 etc. versions, as though I was initially excited by the next gen jump in gaming, nothing I've seen so far has given me that wow moment, and no loading times... while nice.. doesn't exactly make a run for my wallet. Was disappointed at not being able to pick up a Ps5 yet but the more time goes on and the more games are just PS4 versions with some additional bells and whistles, it definitely doesn't feel like a £400 upgrade is worth it. I don't know if they rushed this new gen in or COVID had such a huge impact
  2. Hmm, it hasn;t been mentioned but it was a pretty big complaint especially at launch for 2020 as the intro video to career flat out says your performance in F2 affects F1 (turns out it's minor bump in starting acclaim or something similar so technically true lol) so it may well have had a tweak that's just not a big enough feature change for them to talk about.
  3. IF you press start / option / (whatever your drink of chioce) when you're back at the team HQ you can find the settings there. Also while it's loading into a track you can do the same.
  4. We'll see how it played out in ranked, it's going to be funny for sure! I've only been brake checked once and boy was it infuriating, but opening up more areas of the your car for damage could backfire bady in ranked. At that the moment you can typically race out a yellow-orange level damage to your front wing, I don't knowhow this will work in combination with rear wing and sidepod damage.
  5. A much appreciated feature, I doubt they'll be removing that mate.
  6. Well I have to say this comes as a welcome surprise! A HUD for offline replay mode! I no longer have to put this in the suggestion forum every year thank the lord PC users can also save a full race replay now and not just the highlights, no word on consoles yet though. Come on CM, nearly there, I can save them on GTS, let me do it on F1 now we finally have a HUD.
  7. Ah just on time to insult everyone, again. Amazing you don't get any warnings or bans really.
  8. It seems it's only Wreckfest on Ps4 that has an active playerbase for arcade style racing, no one around on GRID whenever I try to go on it? I get a plyer or two for a quick match but there's never any active sessions going on unlike GT Sport or F1, but sometimes I don't really want the level of focus needed for these and to be honest I find Wreckfest pretty samey after a few races. Is there something I'm missing, are all the arcade racers on Wreckfest?
  9. It's the same every year, it's part of the business, CM don't need people jumping to their defense honestly. The game is likely to review and sell great as always and have a strong player base for its cycle. There's no emergency here and certainly not that needs public defense.
  10. KNT2011

    Help! Plz!

    You're not going to make the Haas as fast as the top cars unless you're considerably faster than the rest of the league, no matter what setup you have. I'd say either embrace the new challenge and roleplay it out for fun or as above, move leagues.
  11. Yeah the AI is fine to be honest, fi you watch cars driving when the payer has actually left disconnected and not returned, they run enough pace to get around the track faster than anyone messing around being a griefer but will be easily overtaken by someone driving the track as you're meant to, down to a pretty slow players level, so I don't think this needs adjusting personally. However as I stated, I'd welcome a ban on bad connections in ranked lobbies, if those running unranked want to open up the range that's fair enough, but currently it can be incredibly distracting especially on
  12. If you post something on the internet someone will argue with it doesn't matter how uncontroversial or obvious it is It's fascinating to watch
  13. For sure a section that could use some quality of life improvements
  14. It was such a bizarre response hahaha, just by sheer number alone a good chunk of players will have driven at least a lap in some classic cars if for nothing more than curiosity and the fact that'it's there to do and is mildly interesting. Of course it's a bug
  15. Yeah it looks like this to me as well, it's incredibly distracting however I wouldn't be against a minimum connection level to get into ranked lobbies.
  16. Can't find anything specific to dispute this in the Disney context other than my own memory of the time, however EA would have no issue closing Respawn rather than letting it make such demands, if not for Disney's license, IMO. All by the by, on the subject, F1 2021 was likely done in terms or the majority of the work and prep before EA bought out CM, so I doubt it'll affect this game much.
  17. It's really worth understanding that Disney brought EA to heel after the PR disaster of the Battlefront 2 launch. It's not EA's choice to release Fallen Order without a slew of microtransactions, but Disney's demand.
  18. KNT2011

    AI Tweaked?

    While this is a work around it shouldn't be the solution. I've only just heard about this here, if true (not something I've personally tested) this is a mjaor issue and embarrassment for the game.
  19. Feel like I'm seeing errors on PS4 when going into races more than ever since the last update as well, nothing else changed my end and no issues across other games. I wasn't much of a multiplayer user until this version when I realised I'm actually quite competitive and how much fun it is in bursts to play, but in exploring it you really see the lack of investment made in the mode both in features, quality of life and stability. A little bit of love would be nice
  20. You don't need to always have the last word in every thread, lad, you can admit the user has a point but you're not in a position to do anything about, that's perfectly fine. No one's expecting a forum mod to fix multiplayer issues.
  21. I'd have a few suggestions like above, I'm sure we all would, but the thread is whether we think we'll see improvements and unfortunately I'm not expecting anything major. Maybe some general tweaks, but I'm always ready to be surprised. You have one of their staffers, or affiliates, or whatever he is defending their connection setup to the death on a different thread, lol, so we know we're not seeing any sweeping changes to matchmaking or stability. Even just a simple thing like being able to choose my car livery in the lobby would be nice.
  22. Can we not just get this closed after this?
  23. I ended up quite happy with the US flag design, simplified to a two colour dark blue and white look that I liked a lot. Felt the end result was detailed enough to feel realistic while simple enough both for my own taste and to not feel tacky like a good amount of the designs were, at least IMO. Not the best photographer but I tried to capture the idea anyway!
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