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  1. If I recall they're using mods for Asetto Corsa on PC. The console version can't access though though, it might have Imola as a track, it's been a while since I played it.
  2. It's knackered mate it's an absolute joke. Get penged off the track at a chicane you'll lose 8+ points. run a clean race finish where you started you'll gain 1. Unless you can run way out front and qualify pole, you'll be c/d safety like 90% of the player base. There is no way out.
  3. Apparently that won't stop you rabbiting on about it for months on end.
  4. The lowest rated game in Metacritic history...
  5. Overall I like the game and if I had bought one or two in Codies time I would think a lot differently about it, but I would be very interested in a fresh look. I'm hoping once next gen buying problems are out of the way and current gen becomes last gen finally we'll get a new engine and a whole redesign, but will Codies do it? If it's Jeff in my ear for another year.... I don't know what I might do.
  6. I mean if the situation arises they may not have a choice, NFL have removed exclusivity from EA for example with 2k currently preparing a new NFL game. However I don't think the games are int he dire shape that's often presented here, and are widely respected and acclaimed in the industry with strong reviews each year. If EA doesn't mess with it too, mcuh, and I gather the plan is for Codies to get on with it, then I don't see anything changing soon for sure.
  7. It isn't, Iv'e set out to do just this and it's arguably not possible when the racers around you are C or D rated. You can avoid first corner chaos maybe if you start last / dont' qualify but you can't just race clean and expect others to do the same, you'll be rammed off on the straights, missiled on chicanes and those who were top 5 who have crashed back for whatever reason will just turn griefer and **** up other racers days. Until the game improves in its penalty assignment to at least a Gran Turismo level, most racers will be C or D regardless how clean they race.
  8. Don't know why someone thumbed this down, you're spot on. GTA has the bad sport lobbies for those who won't stop ruining others games, complete with a dunce cap which sounds right up Codies alley for an extra cosmetic these days. I was deliberately taken out while in 3rd at the Bus Stop (and no it wasn't subjective) and the guy just left the lobby, my race was ruined from there, they shouldn't be able to join a ranked lobby for a set amount of time after something like that.
  9. Relax man, this isn't a simulator, the whole point of the game is so not only wannabe racers but fans of the sport can enjoy feeling as close to a part of it as possible in video game form. If you want a simulator, and boy do you, you'll have to cough up a fair whack more than £60. Do agree that the rain effects are pretty damn good at this point in the game though, they really nailed that across genres this gen.
  10. KNT2011


    I guess what's interesting and also the most frustrating thing about my experiences in ranked is they have shown me what the engine is capable of. It is capable of massive spins, of explosions of carbon fibre as multiple cars pile into turn 1. I will never forget the holy **** moment at Monza, entering the curve after the first chicane to be met by a car flying backwards, on its side, with wheel and wing and who knows what else missing, sailing over my cockpit and alerting me to the madness that lay ahead with bits of cars everywhere. I've seen a wheel just rolling down the main straight, just
  11. KNT2011


    If it was just a knock, bit of jostling, rubbin' is racin' I could probably live with it but it's more of a punt or missile strike I'll admit it can be impressive graphically, car going flying sideways over your cockpit is something you don't get in single player! Genuinely have cleaner races in Nascar Heat.
  12. KNT2011


    This is great if you want to race online once a week. It's really not the same. At a certain point if you want to play often online you have to accept you are not playing F1, it's a different thing altogether, closer to Wreckfest with an F1 mod. I hope they make improvements in the penalty system or allow more options for ranked such as non-contact races in the future.
  13. KNT2011


    How on earth have you got to an A safety rating on this game? Even taking into account taking as much care to race as clean as possible, the sheer number of crashes that are not of the players fault would make this seem impossible. I play ranked and never have an issue getting a race going with 10+ players, despite being there for clean racing my safety rating is D as are most players on the game I would assume just by virtue of the awful penalty system, how you manage to get to A I can't even imagine.
  14. Seems a bit silly, hopefully you can turn this off.
  15. Spot on mate, thank you. Looking forward to it!
  16. Oh yes, story mode on NBA 2K much different from Ps4 to PS5, much more to experience. And Stadium Creator for MLB is next gen exclusive, as examples.
  17. "experience the lifestyle both on and off the track as you take your seat in the pinnacle of motorsport." I am intrigued by these idea, I am old enough to remember Codies story modes in the TOCA series, and they were surprisingly well done (if a little silly) and well the career mode has felt sterile off track for a few years now, all you can really do is race classic cars sometimes and do the odd filler interview, so it will be interesting to see what the above means in the story mode! I assume it won't be quite at the 'this evil driver killed your father! now you must beat him on t
  18. Yes I would imagine it would specifically state if it was next gen only but it is a little unclear, and across the board with games and features over what is on which version! Confusing time haha.
  19. @BarryBL Any confirmaiton if this mode will be on Ps4 version of the game? The pre-order page doesn't state either way (which would assume it is) but can we get a yay or nay on this? The way stock refills are going I doubt I'm on the Ps5 for most of this year.
  20. An F1 game or DLC featuring a full classic season with e full grid, track designs and throwback presentation and commentary would be amazing like. think it would do pretty well with players too. I loved the Le Mans DLC for PC2 and putting together a full Le Mans with all the old cars and series, with the old track as it was in the 60's, a real blast for those of us who never got to see that era as it happened. Biggest shame is we lost Murray before they could make it happen.
  21. KNT2011

    Podium Pass

    Even if that was your thing you'll likely be disappointed in what's on offer. The clothing and podium options are so limited that you see the same ones over and over and it doesn't allow the player to show any personality, however silly. Is there anyone playing now that doesn't just hit x at the podium screen. I can't imagine there's many players, even ones who enjoyed it, who care that race winner picked podium dance 3 and suit 4, lol. If they introduced a celebration editor, lol, like in FIFA or PRO EVO, then at least it could be unique to the player
  22. From what I'm told about Football Manager, while they weren't able to introduce any headline new features, the focus they instead put on refining what they have already has produced what I hear is the best version of the game in many years, possibly ever. It will be interesting to see if CM takes a similiar approach however they have the added complication of next gen expectations which FM did not have to deal with.
  23. It's things like the tifosi at Monza, the red flare smoke, the walls of Ferrari flags, the celebration that is Silverstone as crowds flood the track. the actual hussle and bussle of doing media, so much of these things could be in the game but it's still basically a nicer looking version of what we've seen so many times before. Look at the grid walk in real life vs in game (pre covid like haha) and tell me the game even tries. Why not plant in some celebs for the intro to Monaco, okay they might get old quick but at least its an attempt to recreate the atmosphere. F1 is more than w
  24. My immediate reaction to 2020 was that it wasn't as good graphically as 2019 and I took some screens at the time to compare. there' a lot more colour saturation in 2020 and it makes the grass / rumble strips etc. look highly unrealistic at several tracks, most noticeably Hungary. Spa and Austria also look worse, there's far less detail on surrounding foliage and the lighting is less impressive. There are sections of trees and surrounding areas completely removed from Canada and Monza that don't appear to have been done to reflect any real life changes. Interlagos has always l
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