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  1. I did a quick test just using grand prix from the main menu and simming the qualifying: 65% Pole - 1:30.738 10th - 1:32.312 75% Pole - 1:29.417 10th - 1:30.988 80% Pole - 1:28.937 10th - 1:30.549 90% Pole - 1:27.603 10th - 1:29.177 100% Pole - 1:26.518 10th - 1:28.133 So yeah it definitely has to do with the upgrades and how balanced the game is in this respect, rather than the balance of the AI / tracks themselves without any additional buffs.
  2. That's a real shame as this was absolutely a possibility with some patience and perseverence in 2019
  3. KNT2011

    F1 2021 game

    OP could have had a quick scroll and read one of the many threads answering their question, so I had a bit of fun with it. Sorry to anyone who took it seriously. Pit Coins and hideous suits to return in 2021 woohoo
  4. KNT2011

    F1 2021 game

    It's been cancelled mate, we'll get a livery update for 2020 and then 2022 will be next gen.
  5. Let me turn this off permanently codemasters, it's a beautiful thing.
  6. KNT2011


    This has ben a reliable gold for me, though it's not easy to do in the game generally, never really looks great. I tend to use Schumacher Keep Fighting helmet as it's the most realistic looking and detailed for a custom driver IMO The selection in game is laughable next to something like Gran Turismo's editor. or MOTO GP.
  7. Looks meh, another one of these. Will still be voted for on Online more than the amazing Suzuka circuit lol
  8. KNT2011


    I used to think flashback was a vital feature for a couch driver but after playing some extended online sessions where obviously it's not available, I've begun to turn it off and enjoy the risk. It's also helped up my lap consistency as I'm not willing to risk it all for a faster corner knowing I have a safety net anymore. And frankly be more aware of the cars around me and the risk they pose to my car if I'm not careful on which section if track I'm choosing.
  9. Hmm, as a current workaround you could do it then use the flashback feature to rewind if you mess up. I try to only use the MFD on a straight, I imagine you do too but just in case it hasn't occurred to you. Even then it can still be tricky from time to time and takes getting used to, I would support the assist you're requesting for those who may struggle with it. A headset would certainly help you though, they're not too expensive to pick up these days.
  10. My ultra obnoxious online ranked design Designed to hurt your soul as I go past you.
  11. Just because it isn't announced doesn't mean it hasnt been confirmed internally. They probably want to make it a big todo as they tend to enjoy in these areas of the world.
  12. On consoles as well yeah. I have to say, if the F1 game said hey, £2.99 and you don't have to hear Jeff again and can pick from this assortment... I'm in
  13. I'd be amazed to ever see this in F1 given how important the tracks are not only business and rights wise but historically as well. Maybe Forza, ACC or if Project Cars gets any more sequels, I can certainly imagine it in those. I believe DIRT has this feature? Been a while since I played that. GTA V certainly does, sky tunnels, giant ramps, it's pretty incredible what you can make. Have fun!
  14. Fully agree, and the commenters attitude is basically well I don't play these game modes so it doesn't affect me, is such rubbish honestly. Again, they can go watch Super GT on youtube and see how Gran Turismo applies penalties and faults over incidents. It's never been presented as some herculean effort they achieved, just good programming. If I'm passing a car on a straight and it swings into me to force me into barriers, a games code should be able to recognise this massive change in movement and punish accordingly, and no, the occasional 2 second penalty for this doesn't cut it
  15. Nah, OP does have a point. Gran Turismo is able to do this to a pretty high level in terms of penalising cars at fault, not perfect but better than we have with F1. Certainly at times there may be mitigating factors, but you generally know when someone has just rammed you over the chicane, apparently impervious to front wing damage and penalty free. I get annoyed at it too and rant and swear lmao, but we calm down and come back cos' the best racing on F1 is the best racing to be had. But that doesn't mean they couldn't have done and couldn't do more in the future to improve this sys
  16. Bizarre as it seems, there is precedent. Elite Dangerous, the multi platform space MMO, sells different ship's computer voices as microtransactions if you fancy a change to the default one.
  17. F1 2021 is PC exclusive and ships with a fanatec wheel, no controller support sadly.
  18. Went to watch a replay of my race but it seems the team never bothered getting the car ready and just took a seat instead. Seems this lad is sat on my lap, it's all getting a bit too real here boys Feel like I'm watching Le Mans and we've cut to the garage crew catching a few ZZZ's I realise this is likely caused by my saving mid race and returning later but pretty funny nonetheless and yet another pesky bug that reporting just seems pointless.
  19. In the UK with a strong connection I find it to have more problems than other games but it never really hits unusable. sometimes the whole lobby gets kicked, sometimes I'll load into a lobby and only half of it is in the race. Sometimes others connection problems are clearly causing lag and issues loading in and out of the lobby / race sessions, and more often than others I'll load a lobby and no players will have any names and the game needs to be restarted. All these issues are rare occurrences on other games but do happen from to time, on F1 2020 I'd say you'll see at least one in a 1
  20. I turned it off as well, unfortunately it's a nice idea but they haven't implemented it in a way that works fully or is realistic, therefore removing it from our games is the right move until they can do this.
  21. Considering you can't buy a PS5 at the moment, at least in the UK 'unavailable', they'd be mad to limit their sales and make it next-gen exclusive. Stranger things have happened of course but I expect at least a half-assed livery update for current gen.
  22. Yeah for sure, as @kleed says above, when you're fighting for a championship and your rival pits for no other reason than the game can't organise tires properly, handing you the race, thats'a real issue and I'd imagine only overlooked because those playing F2 season all the way through are probably a small part of the user base. So that's a real shame. I will do some testing myself and see if there's any ways around it. Fully agree that it doesn't impact the career enough, it doesn't store your F2 results or anything and of course you can crash out of every race and still join Merc. (I g
  23. The problem is more with the AI pitting and basically gifting the player the race though, no? I did some F2 on 50%/50% when the game first came out and this was a problem then I just hoped they might have fixed it.
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