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  1. IS this issue avoided if you run Feature at 50% and Sprint at 25% perhaps? Been looking to do a F2 season, will be disappointed if it's not working properly.
  2. Ah okay, cheers man. There's a handful I'm seeing around that definitely aren't in my list or in the store for me. I didn't play the game for a good while, seems I missed a couple of 'seasons'. Shame, hope they make all the content available once the the cycle is finished anyway.
  3. You should check out Gran Turismo's creation suite to see what is possible to be done for liveries, helmets and sits, it is exactly what this game needs, you can create (and people do and are downloadable in game) real life liveries and amazing fictional designs of all types. And that's on console exclusive, so it can be done and remain on all platforms. Anyway I had been thinking with next gen, surely now is the time we got rid of the basic national flags in the crowds and really got something more evocative and atmospheric Also high time to introduce more of the F1 fan cultu
  4. Maybe I'm missing something but I don't see this in my liveries? Anyone know what it's calleD? Maybe it's just the way they have it set up with colors it looks different when default.
  5. Ah yes, 'leave me alone, I know what I'm doing'. they should name the option that in honor of Kimi. I can't think what he would make of Jeff I have traction control on medium, I don't see how that could be connected though?
  6. So having started a career with radio on 'critical' I'm still getting basic tutorials at times, it seems to be if I'm idling in the garage at least for now. Countless hours in this game and over the years, think I've figured out the MFD but hey
  7. I don't know if you guys have given the game away free recently or what but the amount of just blatant ramming off tracks recently has been crazy. Problem is it doesn't matter if you're the victim, it hammers your safety rating regardless. I hope 2021 can bring your online dailies into the same level as Gran Turismo, I realise nothing can be perfect as that's just how people can be, but it can be a lot better for those who are clearly smashed off the racing line.
  8. Dirty ******* cheating online ranked 2020 But I can't get enough
  9. Right so when apparently impervious to damage ******* just rams me over the chicane that's corner cutting is it?? 3 second penalty?? He gets nothing??! The game is not able to read the contact?!?
  10. I'd certainly highlight F1 2006 in this. Leading the race in Istanbul to my gearbox having issues limiting me to 2 gears with a quarter of the race to go was a thrill not seen in the modern versions. Excellent version and boy is Sony Interactive missed.
  11. IT's been a while since I played around with driver career so 1&2 is difficult to help, we'll see if others have thoughts on it. 3. I find this essential to get the best experience with the game, unfortunately Codies refuse to balance the AI so this must be done by the player. I would recommend running sessions at each track and noting the AI qualy times at various difficulty levels, adjusting as you go to balance with your own performance. While the argument is the player is better / worse at certain tracks, I'm afraid it is an excuse so as not to better balance the AI, Austria is t
  12. Have dug this back out as well recently and am really enjoying it. I never know if it's just in my head or not but the races against the AI seem far livelier.
  13. I give up guys, I'm ready to go full codies
  14. Just imagine if they had left out the little dances and actually improved the podium screens alone, to incorporate more of the feel of getting there, with all the staff and crowds below, with a special scene for winning Monza as Ferrari maybe with the red smoke and the huge flag covering the crowd, or Silverstone as a Brit etc. But no we get bland face no 13 in zebra stripe pyjama doing his rendition of Grease.
  15. Absolutely mate. If they'd given us a Gran Turismo level editor for liveries, helmets and suits, with unlimited ways to design, shape and move logos, sponsors etc, as well as the ability to import custom ones and do the same, well then I could forgive some intrusive monetisation (to some extent). They however, did not. What we have is so incredibly shallow that the idea I'd pay money for more of it is genuinely funny.
  16. On a serious note, I do agree it is wearing thin (no pun intended) after all this time. I know it's just one click to skip past the XP / Podium Pass screen and all but it starts to feel like more when I'm doing a run of online ranked and it's after every quality, after every race, in the way of me seeing the lineup and results screens. And frankly, there's nothing interesting about these outfits. If you watch a podium screen, the only time you see what anyone else has come up with, do you ever think, oh that's a nice design and colour choice? Lol. there's no character to it. they'r
  17. The T-Cam view has been around for almost as long as I can remember and that's going back a fairly long way, the first F1 game I ever played was on the C64, not that I had much idea what was going on at that time. It's not a new invention for casuals, nor was it introduced by Codemasters, it's a long held standard of F1 titles. Frankly, it gives a better view of the track (of course) and a more enjoyable playing experience as a video game, depending on what you're looking for. Cockpit cam is very difficult to drive in, it doesn't give a very strong sensory experience and take
  18. Interesting point, though I'd argue that MyTeam, while named like an EA online feature, is closer to a career mode in design, so we may not see many (and this is EA, we may not see ANY) changes. Having played some of EA's UFC 4 though, and seeing the direction of those titles, expect far more insanity when it comes to suits and liveries than we have now, lion heads, crowns and other stupidity are surely already on the way, In some ways I welcome it, as outlandish as the suits may be, they add little to online and still come across quite bland and boring. All faces are pretty generic for
  19. I assume you're probably done with this game from here but this would be a really nice and easy fix I think if you would be so kind! So many players online use black / dark liveries which show as black icon on the mini-map while racing, this can be very difficult to see to tell if one of these cars is behind me or around me on track. Result is they can often spring out of nowhere and catch me unawares while racing. I would hope you could add perhaps a thin white circle around the blip if it is registered as black or dark.
  20. Relatively pleased with this attempt at a fake ferrari for online ranked
  21. Yeah and unfortunately it's not much. And I like the sponsor designs actually, some of them are really good but what you can do with them is very limited. I think the badge options are terrible, very difficult to make something realistic. The actual liveries, while I've seen people do some nice things with them, boy it takes a lot of work to get something that fits in with a real F1 grid. Compare with what you can do with not only liveries, but helmets and race suits on Gran Turismo and it's quite sad honestly. I hope for a huge overhaul to this feature next gen.
  22. I played both of these out far more than I've played the later versions, F1 2006 in particular really held up a good few years after release.Features Istanbul and Indianapolis, has full commentary with Martin Brundle, during the races, which while it repeats fairly quickly is fun to listen to and something I miss very much from the games. If you're racing tenth and Martin is talking about the battle for the lead it just adds to the game, current games I don't really know what's happening around the track. Grand Prix Challenge is a brutally difficult game but had the most track deta
  23. I typically only used traction control for F2 but I've had to put it back on in F1 for this game. I consider myself a sim-leaning player but if I'm paranoid about putting the. pedal down out of corners in an F1 game then I'm not having fun tbh.
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