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  1. Evening guys, been a while Recently been diving into online play and I can't really understand how rankings are decided, wondering if you guys can have a look at these stats and tell me if literally just turning a level 2 silver in the last race seems accurate.. I feel like 11 podiums in 39 races 26 in the top half of the order should be worth more than level 2 silver, no? Happily concede I'm not the greatest driver but I did not see that budge from level 1 silver for about 20 races. Now, the safety rating, this can be difficult to manage especially once you
  2. Disagree, and I usually wouldn't, lord knows the history of fake sponsors in video games is littered with ugly. The locations could use work still, but the sponsor designs are pretty damn good, have slight changes based on location, there's plenty of them, and overall they're very well thought out. It's always going to be difficult because many of the main sponsors in the real world you know, are used to, have some sort of connection or relationship to due to the familiarity. Creating something fake will never replace that, but compared to others attempts, CM have done a good job h
  3. I've been making an effort to enjoy all the trackside detail lately as I've come to appreciate the effort put in, especially to Monaco.
  4. Enjoy this shot from 2017 as I enjoy driving as Massa in a vaguely competitive Williams from time to time.
  5. Enjoyed this extended replay angle at Zandvoort that made the game look like Motorsport Manager!
  6. Interesting angle from the replay camera
  7. Also interesting that the Keep Fighting DLC gives us a more realistic looking helmet to use Difficult to see with the halo. I hope CM can give us more detailed designs on the helmets instead of the plain ones now that don't fit in with the the rest of the drivers. And maybe even make them editable on the colours?! Would be lovely.
  8. Crossing the line battered and bruised in Melbourne
  9. Wild to think a base of 70 would produce Monaco 87, this is what I'm getting at, doing it by times is more applicable to different driver skill levels. I may as well just dump it in the first corner at Monaco on 87, nevermind 97, and if we use my typical base difficulty of 90... Monaco is typically 75 for me, and I know it off by heart, but damned if I have the bravery to really attack it.
  10. It is frustrating as once you have the difficult set correctly for it, Austria is a blast of a race. You can try different strategies, you can score some great overtakes, it's always unpredictable weather wise, and if you're not careful and too into the racing you can go off the other side of the planet at Turn 1. Not to mention it is a beautiful part of the world well realised by the artists. And I just feel for the players to whom it's just easy race on the calendar they can probably lap 2nd place as they don't spend time adjusting difficulties and will never know what it is capable o
  11. I do get what you're saying but it assumes CM must have difficulty perfectly balanced and all discrepancy comes from players, different styles, assists, etc. The truth is likely in the middle somewhere, but I don't agree that everything comes from player difference. I appreciate it's not an easy thing to do but it can certainly be improved by CM, Austria is the smoking gun I'm afraid! and it has been like that for a few years now, certainly all of this gen... It can never be perfect, but CM certainly have the data that would allow them to bring it at least closer so that dif
  12. Find it pretty impossible to believe CM don't look at Austria and know they need to work on the AI there. I have a 20 point difficulty swing between Australia and Austria.- 85-105 and I have driven Albert Park for 20 years, it's not a question of my performance.
  13. This is something I've been considering also. And one of the reasons a part of me preferred the general difficult levels Hard - Master - Expert etc. which didn't let you tweak to the single digit. YHes at some tracks you'd dominate, and some tracks you would suffer, but you wouldn't have it playing on your mind all the time. I generally do it this way, say I am driving the Ferrari, I would consider that (in the game, lets not get into all that haha) to be a top 5 car. Does my TT time put my in the top 5 on a difficulty level? If it does, that's what I pick. And go from there. But your qu
  14. For me, and I posted my qualifying time guide in a different thread, it's a case of running AI qualy sessions on various difficulties at every track. This gives you a guide to work from, before any race jump in TT, do 5 laps of the track, have a look at your average and then compare to the AI qualy times and make a judgment of where you would be. Times are much easier to work with as you can see in a handful of laps the general range of where you're going to be and can tweak session to session still if you need. And you've had a few laps practice for a track maybe you haven't raced in a
  15. 2019 but I thought this made for quite an artsy shot
  16. The user above answered the question with patience and good humour. There is no need for your input.
  17. Not even that, just add another tutorial vid in the menu explaining full qualifying, same as it explains all the practice sessions, would be perfectly fine. I'm sure I'm not the only one it would help. While I can watch bits and pieces these days, and keep up with the news to some degree, watching real life Qualy and things is not really possible.
  18. Riiiiight, knacked myself going back out on the same tires in Q2, that's fine as long as it's a lesson learned for next time. Thanks mate. A tutorial vid on this in game would be nice.
  19. I'm missing / forgetting something obvious I'm sure.. I was under the impressions if you reach Q3 you start the race on the tires you set your fastest Q3 lap with? However I did 1 Q3 lap and was happy with the time so went back to garage. I'm starting on 30% worn softs? Now, I went back out in Q2 to secure top ten, so that's the only set that could be anywhere near that level of worn. I start on Q2 tires? Or am I'm missing something obvious?
  20. I know the temptation is to dismiss complaints like this as not affecting the core gameplay but all of these little touches and details add to the overall experience, it is an F1 game, not just a racing sim experience, but an immersive recreation of the real thing, so all of these small moments count as well. For the hardcore audience, of course we've seen all of these things on repeat, but for newcomers or more casual fans of the sport / series, these things do make a difference, and personally I do enjoy them. Of course nothing should come before the core elements of the game, th
  21. @PJTierney I'd love to know what you think of my PC2 shots I posted in here mate And any advice you may have? For example, I played around a lot with the filters built into the game but I wonder if it's better to take clean and then use a separate program to tweak?
  22. I always do full, think it's a great system, really entertaining. In game and real life. I remember old qualy when noone go out for 50 minutes and camera look at scenery. This way much better!
  23. Once I've finished running a massive Le Mans session in this view I I might have to give cockpit another try after all these years. Difficult of AI is lowered, but immersion is 10x higher.
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