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  1. Been no change on PS at least to the online mess. Removed from a 13 car lobby after a race, put into a lobby on my own, for a split second before the game put me into a 'new' lobby with 4 other players who were on lap 1 of their race. That's just my first attempt back since 1.10, I'm doubting it's an exception. Laughable.
  2. While Codemasters are not being lazy and sending these mails out, how about to Indycar?! I sure do miss Indycar 05, lets get those cars in the game! They're close enough to F1 right? And I'm sure they'd love some free worldwide advertising as well. Why stop at tracks?!
  3. Single player event at Monza. A week late. They can **** off.
  4. Solid track, looks as high quality as I expect from Codemasters. Agree with the above, a lap or two in and you can start attacking and finding areas where you can gain time, there's not anything major to worry about, little snappy hitting the throttle out of a couple of corners but this is with basic setup as well. Reference points initially tricky as there's not much going on around the track to pick out for braking but it once it starts coming together it has a natural flow to it, you can feel the Moto GP rhythm of it, and a final sector I'd love to see lifted wholesale into Catalunya
  5. Looking forward to the track, however first impressions man, deleted the patch notes mail but the icon still won't go away, a glitch been in since launch. New Podium Pass Series it says on the home page, if I tap it nothing happens and the Podium Pass section says it's a day away. I know they're just small things in the end but christ they have piled up this year.
  6. It is certainly interesting how life imitates art
  7. Their Monza race turned into a bit of a mess with glitches in the game, players syncing out and not being able to connect, cars going backwards in the pitlane, cars appearing in the middle of the track at random, cars looking like they're uh.. mounting.. other cars. If I recall what I was reading they ended up just cancelling the race. Apparently 5000 viewers on the stream so, not a good look for the game.
  8. I'm not sure how the OP's post has led to this diatribe against online players? First of all many casual players play online, there's not a wall there between casual and online. Online player doesn't automatically mean eSports wannabe. I would wager more people would play online if the experience was better designed, more reliable and had more effort put into it. In the end all players just want the game to be better and yes people want the modes they play to be improved first, this is perfectly natural. It's funny and I would guess a generational thing that this forum,
  9. 2020 is far and away the more complete and polished game at this present time. will 2021 get to that point after it's cycle of patches etc.? is up for debate, if you follow the forum, it's hotly debated on a near daily basis. It's up to you based on available info at the end of the day, I still jump on 2020 if that tells you anything, and I still enjoy it. Both will be on sale over the coming months, it may be you can try each and see which you prefer for a long term career save or whatever it is you're interested in.
  10. 2020 is the peak of the series on Ps4 and you can move the HUD around as well. 2021 has a nice HUD redesign but it's up to you how much difference that makes, it's lacking other areas. The handling and physics model is more challenging. It's lacking graphical details present in 2020. I don't think it's a big jump tbh. We know WWE 2K22 will be out for Ps4 in March next year, which is a game rebuilt from the ground up, so we know 2K at least has decided there's still sufficient market for it and I believe we'll see F1 2022 as well.
  11. I think if all those years ago I had picked up a Motorbike game instead of a car game I'd be having a much better time right now As it is I find it so unnatural to play it negates all the excellent parts of the game, I keep trying with it though. No matter how much I meet the tarmac.
  12. It's impossible to say without knowing which assists you use and how much work has gone into your setup, though I will say it's possible to be relatively competitive with the default setups as multiplayer more than single player comes down to your own level of driving skill and your consistency at performing to that level compared to the other players in the session. It's also worth noting that players use ERS at different times and sometimes someone can seem super fast simply because they have Overtake active at a time when yours is empty, for example. Yup, as with real life, s
  13. Codemasters have already said these changes will not be added to the 2021 game
  14. Indeed, trust the process was fine when it was hinting that there'd be something special coming for this weekend. Even if it's revealed to be an Imola special event next week, that's not reason enough to completely can the Monza weekend. It's not good enough. And to miss such a marketing opportunity and link one of the biggest races with a free weekend, you have to wonder what on earth is going on at CM. The 'process' is looking like nonsense.
  15. Makes removing the weekly event look even stupider. You have one of the most fun and beginner friendly tracks to drive, for an event running alongside the real grand prix, and you lock it off on a FREE weekend because?
  16. The above is not even just for me, people love Monza and this race weekend, it's one of the biggest of the year. CM could have had bumper numbers of players online this weekend yet, no? Cos they want to be clever. People want to play Monza today and tomorrow, not next week maybe, if we're allowed, lol.
  17. If they want to do something clever next week that's fine but why not just do the Monza event as normal. I don't have a lot of time to play this game at the moment I was looking forward to this afternoon's races. Like I said this is my favourite track and race of the year, it's very disappointing. I've given a lot patience to CM and to this game, as you know mate, but these decisions are baffling. I'll be playing GT again then, like a lot of other players.
  18. As in we're deliberately skipping the Monza event to annoy everyone even more?
  19. Sorry, unless I'm mistaken (it has been a long work week after all) the Italian GP is tomorrow, why on earth is this still locked and says the next event is in 2 days which I would assume means the beginning of next weeks event, except there isn't a race next weekend... Anyone in the know on this, is this a massive F up? Monza is my favourite race of the year, I was looking forward to this being top draw multiplayer insanity.
  20. We seem to be missing the Dazzle
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