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  1. I know 2020 had it's issues and people have their complaints about it but it at least functioned in the way it's designed and delivered some great races and moments with packed grids over several Ranked races, could spend hour or more in 1 lobby, getting more heated as it went, lol. 2021 is a real shame if you're mostly an online player. Like you say, talking near two months now and still the same core problems.
  2. Anyone saying it's not so bad isn't a big player of the mode, is trolling or doesn't know what to expect from it when it's working. I note that same users other comments about his overall opinion of the game didn't mention online at all, so I don't think it's a valid opinion to be honest. I haven't experienced what you have however the overall experience on Playstation is poor and I'm not really playing it much at the moment. I can go into multiplayer and join a ranked lobby to be put in.a lobby by myself, this can happen 3 or 4 times in a row.. this should never happen at all or v
  3. Game is doing you a favour if you had seen what horrors were meant to be there
  4. what platform are you on? I haven't noticed an issue with host migration on PS, and above is the first I've heard anyone mention it.
  5. This is my favourite race this better be good! Will we all be Carlos Sainz this weekend?
  6. I wish I was the man, the myth, the legend but unfortunately not. And that's Indianapolis 500 winner Takuma Sato to you, thank you very much.
  7. Agreed and it's a shame as he's a likeable guy, I used to root for him a lot when he was starting out in F1. He just seems rattled and living with that feeling 24/7, must be incredibly difficult.
  8. Genuinely think Valteri could use a year or two away, I think WEC would be excellent for him. his best attribute (typically through his career at least) is his consistency which is ideal for long stints and he could be more of a bigger fish in that series and likely enjoy a seat at a top team competing for wins. He comes across shot mentally in F1, never got over the comments made by Toto some time back and hasn't responded positively but rather as if he's the victim, and it's easy to do I wouldn't knock him for it, but it's not producing better results. A fresh perspective can do
  9. Yeah not sure why I felt the need to comment on it, was in an irritable mood I guess.
  10. Most important thing and I imagine the most difficult step if you're new to it. Think long distance in the moment, back off a situation, it's likely if a player is trying to force their way past you will pass them in the gravel later. You definitely get a sense of it over time, the way a car moves in front of you you can come to read and know if they're passable without risk or not. Otherwise, the best overtaking opps are those quick moments where the car in front has made an error or is struggling with the corner and can not come straight back at you or shut the door. It's frustra
  11. It also shouldn't be necessary. If you mean to test, sure, but as a workaround, should not be needed.
  12. I wasn't gaming much around the time of the PS4 launch and a year or so in, can anyone remember if voice control was something Sony had to add in for that too, or it was available at launch? It seems such a fundamental thing, especially in terms of accessibility, to not have available at launch if it was on your previous console.
  13. I do think it's due soon however your leap of logic here to get from a thumbnail image to the whole track being finished is pretty impressive
  14. I believe the internal process is something like this
  15. Helpful from one of our forum mods
  16. Agreed and I hope I didn't come across as putting him down for it. That wasn't my intention at all.
  17. Straight away shift your traction control to medium and start getting used to it, you're losing so much acceleration speed out of slow corners and top end speed on straights it's worth at least half a second a lap depending on circuit. Just make sure you're accelerating in a straight line and you shouldn't have a problem, once you're used to that you can try dropping it to 0. Manual gears is something that must seem daunting but if you take on a short track like Austria and practice there, you'll get a variety of corners to tackle and that will serve as a good guide for all other tracks
  18. I love the optimism of a first time poster. Surely you mean next few years?
  19. I did hear September as a possibility a while back, ooh, I might even reinstall.
  20. So ask for a refund from where you got it from?
  21. Went to check if the patch had downloaded and remembered I'd rage deleted the game after crashing out of second place in the weekly event
  22. What pic did he post? given the slow rollout of patches I may as well enjoy the goss.
  23. Overall I pretty much agree with this. After many many laps in time trial fiddling with handling and setup and well over 100 online races now (of varying quality) the game just screams frustration to me. While the handling and kerb changes are interesting and fun to engage with in terms of time trial, once it gets to competitive situation it's more annoying than it is satisfying as it's. hard to have confidence pushing the car to the limit when needed. The Spa weekly event is a great example as some of Spa's kerbs are wildly overdone in terms of spinning at the slightest touch. No idea i
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