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  1. I forget now but did 2019 have the on track effects, leaves, haze, bits of dirt and things in the air, birds flying out of trees and the planes overhead that 2020 did? Or at least to that level? Because it felt like when 2020 came out it was a graphical downgrade immediately but over time all the little details in the game really impressed me for the ways they brought the tracks to life. Codemasters seem to take from one area to give to another year on year when it comes to graphics but I'll admit I do miss all those little details.
  2. Looking at 2019 now, the HUD is trying to do far too much in this tiny section of screen, I like the way it's laid out now, with everything easy to read it better sinks into the background for me and it's easier to glance once and back to track rather then having to concentrate to find what you need. But that's just personal, I do hope they keep evolving the style they have now. When the DRS fills the frame with greeen it's just cool looking to me
  3. Oh really? I had heard they were basically going mobile with it, but to be honest I haven't looked into it. If that's the way they're going on console then I'm very interested in reading more about it. Played PES since International Superstar Soccer way way back, always a fan.
  4. This is well put together man, though I really think at this point the whole idea behind this is dead, it's just waiting to be taken outside and put down. One of the big players has to take a risk here and it's down to the first one to move, ratings for these games are going down and down every year to the point Madden 22 is now already sitting on a 0.7 user score. It must be difficult internally because they still make big money from the ultimate team modes and do relatively well sales wise (the amount of free copies and deals for Madden 22 at release should tell us this isn't goi
  5. Minus bugs that some are experiencing, this is still the best looking racer on consoles and by some distance. It doesn't get enough credit for the quality of the track designs and trackside details. Compared to other games it looks far better and holds quality textures for longer, I just can't buy that it's not 'good enough'. Zoom out a replay on MotoGP and tell me how it looks next to F1. Watch some of the track flybys on GT Sport and tell me how the low res textures heading off into the distance look when next to the exact same track on F1. It's barely a competition, and I love those games.
  6. It's a solid example still, polished game, runs very well with no issues I noticed either. time is almost not a factor. cyberpunk was what, 6/7 years in development to come out like it did? things can still be rushed.
  7. They did have over a decade to make it
  8. I got the feeling during 2020 that they did tweak this and turned down the rain somewhat, but it was never mentioned in a patch. It could be pure chance or my imagination as well like. Could have done the same here though.
  9. Right? This is how it works already, no? Otherwise I must have a setting wrong as I can't change it from Medium mid race.
  10. You can't take Monza like a lunatic as per: IRl you can't do this and you can't do this in the game now, good! Hamilton's line: Practice!
  11. You have to understand, this is the hero TRL Limitless line through the second chicane at Monza This is generally what people are talking about. They can no longer completely ignore curbs in ways that aren't realistic to the actual track. Monza is perfectly fine to drive. There is that curb on the inside of the exit of the last chicane if you put a wheel on it you can get a little squirrelly but of course this answer is to take a wider line through the exit.
  12. There's a middle ground between the two views, though I get why you've gone to this extreme. It's a bit misleading though, this is an official licensed product of Formula 1, released on the brand spanking new generation of consoles at a premium price. There is an expectation of quality in built there, whether I'm familiar with Codemasters or gaming at all. If we take the F1 'fragrances' I've seen advertised around lately as another example, I have no idea who actually makes it but with the F1 name attached I should be able to have confidence that it is going to smell appropriately ni
  13. You're overthinking it, they're just ****. Soon as I heard the stupid pizza one in online I turned them off in settings. They could actually be quite interesting, as OP highlights, but as it stands they're cringe as the kids say.
  14. As per the patch thread, XBox to update later today. Always takes a bit longer than the PC and PS. The email was apparently an error so it is currently glitched, I jsut wouldn't press anything from now and just leave it in your inbox so it's not flashing anymore on the main screen. See if it gets fixed. I haven't tested new patch so I don't know if it's fixed in there.
  15. KNT2011

    Just saying

    I would be very very surprised as the company line seems to be to admit no fault and brave this games cycle out. The largest noise is coming from here, and this place is easily ignorable. Outside, the reception has been solid in reviews and (I would imagine) sales.
  16. There absolutely is, mate. It's F1 2020
  17. FYI Madden 22 is being reported to overheat and shut down consoles. Complaints on Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/Madden/comments/p481sv/madden_22_trial_crashing_xbox/ but I've seen them elsewhere as well.
  18. As much as I'm hesitant to jump to CM's defence over the lack of patches and updates over a month after release, this is a dismissive comment to make. Working in logistics I can tell you that working remotely is not 'easy', whether it's communication issues with people whose availability is suddenly limited compared to being in office, to software, network and IT issues taking far longer to sort out remotely, to staff having to cover for others that are having problems and that's not to mention those away with illness, isolating due to covid symptoms etc. who aren't (and shouldn't be, de
  19. It's a fair point. I can't even picture how it would have worked with the original mechanics of car design, but I guess that's actually the point, I couldn't imagine it. What controllers are capable of though, I think is more about the player than the device. the guy who can keep up with ESports pace on a controller for example is a freak lol, well okay lets say an exception that proves a rule more than a freak, though possibly a freak, genius, alien of some sort.
  20. Exactly though right, I mean they were sticking 6 wheels on and ridiculous wings that resembled old style original airplanes, if a stick was a good idea someone would have done it
  21. Idk man, while it's technically possible to get full rotation on a stick it's hardly comfortable or precise about it. If we think of F1 as the ultimate in terms of design suiting function then we have this Which is the best of both worlds really, with more of a controller shape for better grip and access to additional controls but with the full rotation, precision and control of a steering wheel. I feel like if sticks were viable as steering inputs in the real world (and I suppose they are but if we're talking about effectiveness at a high level) we would have seen some
  22. Still remember Top Gear from years back, Jeremy Clarkson playing Gran Turismo 4 on PS2 and declaring cars will use Playstation controllers in the future
  23. KNT2011

    Livery editor

    If I asked my 4 year old to design a paint scheme she'd likely come out with similar designs to the 'splattered paint' one and the others with wiggly lines all over the place. It's very much her style. New target market perhaps?
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