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  1. You're overthinking it, they're just ****. Soon as I heard the stupid pizza one in online I turned them off in settings. They could actually be quite interesting, as OP highlights, but as it stands they're cringe as the kids say.
  2. As per the patch thread, XBox to update later today. Always takes a bit longer than the PC and PS. The email was apparently an error so it is currently glitched, I jsut wouldn't press anything from now and just leave it in your inbox so it's not flashing anymore on the main screen. See if it gets fixed. I haven't tested new patch so I don't know if it's fixed in there.
  3. KNT2011

    Just saying

    I would be very very surprised as the company line seems to be to admit no fault and brave this games cycle out. The largest noise is coming from here, and this place is easily ignorable. Outside, the reception has been solid in reviews and (I would imagine) sales.
  4. There absolutely is, mate. It's F1 2020
  5. FYI Madden 22 is being reported to overheat and shut down consoles. Complaints on Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/Madden/comments/p481sv/madden_22_trial_crashing_xbox/ but I've seen them elsewhere as well.
  6. As much as I'm hesitant to jump to CM's defence over the lack of patches and updates over a month after release, this is a dismissive comment to make. Working in logistics I can tell you that working remotely is not 'easy', whether it's communication issues with people whose availability is suddenly limited compared to being in office, to software, network and IT issues taking far longer to sort out remotely, to staff having to cover for others that are having problems and that's not to mention those away with illness, isolating due to covid symptoms etc. who aren't (and shouldn't be, de
  7. It's a fair point. I can't even picture how it would have worked with the original mechanics of car design, but I guess that's actually the point, I couldn't imagine it. What controllers are capable of though, I think is more about the player than the device. the guy who can keep up with ESports pace on a controller for example is a freak lol, well okay lets say an exception that proves a rule more than a freak, though possibly a freak, genius, alien of some sort.
  8. Exactly though right, I mean they were sticking 6 wheels on and ridiculous wings that resembled old style original airplanes, if a stick was a good idea someone would have done it
  9. Idk man, while it's technically possible to get full rotation on a stick it's hardly comfortable or precise about it. If we think of F1 as the ultimate in terms of design suiting function then we have this Which is the best of both worlds really, with more of a controller shape for better grip and access to additional controls but with the full rotation, precision and control of a steering wheel. I feel like if sticks were viable as steering inputs in the real world (and I suppose they are but if we're talking about effectiveness at a high level) we would have seen some
  10. Still remember Top Gear from years back, Jeremy Clarkson playing Gran Turismo 4 on PS2 and declaring cars will use Playstation controllers in the future
  11. KNT2011

    Livery editor

    If I asked my 4 year old to design a paint scheme she'd likely come out with similar designs to the 'splattered paint' one and the others with wiggly lines all over the place. It's very much her style. New target market perhaps?
  12. KNT2011

    Livery editor

    PS2 games were giving us pallets of recently used colours man, 15 years ago. F1 2021 we still have to remember or make note of the numbers! What WRC is doing here and GT Sport and others are giving us is a different planet.
  13. No, they're set up the same as in real life (or close to)
  14. Unfortunately over a month since release and online multiplayer is still a struggle to play. Joining empty lobbies several tries in a row, full lobbies being scattered after a race, racing 2/3 players at a time is the best you can get out of most tries. I bought this game early to jump ahead and get a head start on an exciting year of Ranked races, very disappointed.
  15. 2019 and 2020 had no 'spinning mechanics' at all, what are you talking about?
  16. IF they're repackaged in a way, as he showed with I think it was 2013? (I picked up a Ps3 for pennies recently I'm definitely going to hunt down a copy of that) with the Murray Walker commentary and the time appropriate broadcast overlays with classic styled tracks, DLC is something I would certainly be interested in. If it's what we had last year sold back to me though, I'll pass.
  17. Oh it's a long one, about to drag the other half through it with some takeaway as a peace offering. For those one here who may miss it as they're not avid youtube watchers, Raycevick, as you will know, makes very high quality videos at a pro level, grab the popcorn!
  18. I hear what you're saying, and I certainly sympathise with those experiencing serious problems with the game. I don't know what you expect with things like writing to EA, but if you feel like it'll make some sort of change more power to you. We read this situation in different ways I feel like, and that's fine, I'd prefer the truth to be closer to your view anyway.
  19. I don't know how y'all can play through this glitched, bland, unrealistic career node to be honest. I'm glad I've skipped it a couple of years, it seems way more annoying than its worth and Codies don't seem to be listening to players complaints about it. The last good one was 2017, at least it had some charm and character to it and a small taste of the bigger world of F1. Now it just seems like you live in a showroom, read the world around in email form, and every race takes place on a cold rainy night in Stoke.
  20. I thought they had resolved this issue fairly early and you were able to get the saves back? I'm not a MyTeam player so haven't followed the issue closely.
  21. The chances of that happening is basically 0. This isn't Elite Odyssey or Cyberpunk launch where gaming press and players ripped into the products publicly and companies had no choice but to come out and make statements and take action. F1 2021 is relatively well received with good reviews and I'd imagine solid sales for the series. The issues aren't immediately apparent it would seem in review copies, and they're also sporadic in that a lot of the major graphics or technical bugs I've not experienced personally and my main gripes are with underwhelming changes and poor online performance, it'
  22. KNT2011


    Will never be esports king with that attitude
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