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  1. I'd like to see more done with the mode to encourage practice as well. It's little things man, why there is a full crowd there to watch a 'time trial'? Even older F1 games had this right. It's geared up for the fastest lap nerds and that's fine but I'd like to see it be developed more into a testing suite a la Project Cars 2 allowing you to change the parameters of anything you want (within reason) and even run through the practice programs if we so wish.
  2. I'm changing my wish to whatever it fixes it comes soon! Playing GT Sport this week reminding me what a functioning online multiplayer can be. Come on CM lets get the basics working please.
  3. just open it and back out, don't apply anything, don't delete. It's clearly glitched, lets just see if they fix it. That'll stop it popping up anyway. It's not like there's a busy inbox we have to manage that it's getting in the way.
  4. While I think the quality of helmets has taken a big jump this year, go look at 2020 compared to the detailed and realitic styled helmets we've had so far in 21, night and day difference, I do agree there should be much more done here. I don't why this would be an issue with the teams as you could have it where player must have signed with a team to have access to their designs. Think of NBA 2K where you get drafted and can buy endless amounts of gear for your team. Along with liveries, suits, cough emotes cough, it's another under utilised feature set especially when compared to o
  5. KNT2011


    I did a lot of testing with an Austria setup I had built over time since Real Sport put out their baseline setups but for some reason couldn't get reliably to the 1:04.7 mark (no DRS)* I was aiming for. When I noticed how wildly different the differentials were in the default setup I threw it on and beat my time by a tenth on the first lap without being on the edge at all. Really made me rethink how I look at the rest of my setups now. *I appreciate if some hot shots are whupping 1:04.7 like it's nothing but it's typically the leading best lap time in the high silver ranked races s
  6. KNT2011


    20 years of driving it sometimes I still skip it, **** up, get frustated with it. And it's a top 5 favourite all time for me. It is the nature of the beast.
  7. Was bugging me so I looked it up, Studio Liverpool and Psygnosis are the same company, going under Studio Liverpool when owned by Sony. F1 Champsionship Edition / 2006, amazing game, I forgot all about the practice stuff! Very innovative for the time. I played that game to the death of many controllers.
  8. If we take what Barry said in another thread as CM word, there was never meant to be a driver stats update, so it appears to be a balls up on their part. The stats have applied to some people's saves, but not most from what I've gathered on here. It hasn't applied to my game for example however even if I press apply the email comes back so I haven't touched it since. Unfortunately nothing seems to be going right with the this launch.
  9. It's a fresh spin of the wheel though so there's the chance we'll get some nicer stuff. Outside of 2 or 3 liveries it has been dire and the less said about the 'victory calls' the better, dear lord, t's all about Jeff and we need less Jeff not more Suits and gloves have been awful though there has been an improvement in helmets from 20 to 21
  10. Just one will do, fix the matchmaking in online Ranked so lobbies aren't split in half at the end of a race, with half going into solo lobbies for no apparent reason, meaning getting an evening of races with 10+ cars on track is basically not possible. You might get one, then you're booted, and back to 2/3 player lobbies again. I've been hard headedly trying to get as much out of it as possible but it is beginning to grate after a month with no improvement. Especially when 2020 lobbies are working just fine and it's easy to find a 20 car race.
  11. It's really because you have to go into the list, find the person who has been put up to be kicked, press on their name, press on vote to kick and finally press on yes to confirm. It's just too many steps if you don't care that much and as OP suggests, people don't even know it's there. Once someone is up for the vote it should be press X to agree and that's it for the rest of the lobby.
  12. I press pause and then quit to main menu and this solves the problem
  13. I haven't played the weekly event very much, did it used to be strict? I don't get why it would be changed. Maybe a bug?
  14. While a nice idea I can't see this being workable at all, would require almost a new infrastructure from Codemasters just to address this problem, the chance of that happening are next to 0 really. The higher your safety rating the better the racing so aim for that, but there will always be assholes from time to time, it's just how online gaming is there's no point letting it affect your mental health of all things. We have ghosting back for spinning out of control cars and lapped cars so we should see some improvement from that. Ranked online is not pro racing, have to accep
  15. As much as you're kidding I do think the first sentence is likely true. FOM seems very strict in what can and can't be done with the license. I do think there's a part of the licensing conditions which states players can't affect the long term career of a licensed driver, or words to that effect. I can imagine things like fictional sponsors on an F1 car and the ability to somewhat edit the calendar were things FOM did not allow lightly.
  16. Can we get the current game working for everyone first before adding brand new stuff How it is now, you'd probably be automatically transferred around teams.
  17. Not to **** on the parade as I would enjoy this too but there is no racing game that allows you play a career with a real driver, F1, MotoGP, NASCAR, WRC, none.
  18. KNT2011

    Real season?

    It's in the game already, you'll see it if you go to set up a new career. It is nothing more than deciding where you want your single player driver career to start, there is 0 more to it than that. It's not a mode really, just an option.
  19. Well this is all just going swimmingly
  20. Worth noting that we're not even on 1.1 yet, these patches are mostly hotfixes for the core issues either causing crashes or otherwise making game modes unusable to a good chunk of the playerbase.
  21. It's the same on PS, I'd say don't join the session, just wait in the lobby for the race to finish and the results to play out. go grab a drink or make a cuppa, reply to a text, whatever. It will still kick about half of the race session, I don't know why, I don't understand the logic of moving players out into different sessions to even some being put in solo sessions when they were in a busy lobby before. It's really irritating and is making the experience very hard to enjoy. At least tonight, 15 players starting an S rating race at Suzuka, maybe the first time since launch, at least p
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    Aye it's definitely a bit vague in terms of a good starting point. I'd try 70 and see how you get on, and can go up or down a few notches as you need.
  23. KNT2011


    50 is really low mate, you'll find averages are 80-100
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