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  1. F1 05 was so absurdly easy that you could win the championship on hardest settings in a Minardi, this of course could not be patched during the games lifespan. When F1 06 introduced Bahrain, the AI was so bad at turn 10 that the player could jump the whole field and win the race, on hardest difficulty, by several laps. Could not be patched during the games lifespan. Indycar 05, the game could get so confused under a yellow flag at sorting out where the field was meant to be, it would spend the entirety of the race swapping AI cars around and a race that went yellow on lap 5 could f
  2. ***** lord thank you
  3. Starting this game with the default setups I can't say I had too much issue, I'm surprised to see it causing problems for people. Soon switched to Real Sports baseline setups to start tinkering with though so didn't spend too much time with them. If useful, this is a handy little guide to the demands of the various tracks and the downforce level of 1-5 more or less matches up with the default setups in game, Preset 5 being Downforce 1 and so on through to preset 1. Giving a good starting point to work with going forward. Helped me a hell of a lot with 2020, had it open
  4. This thread is gold. Soon y'all will have talked yourselves into believing the tracks will come tomorrow.
  5. What's the first livery? I don't think I've seen that.
  6. Not 100% happy with it, though the nose / front wing turned out really nice looking with this livery. Some parts especially on the backend just don't sit comfortably for me but hey, hopefully we can get some more variations in block colour schemes instead of all these wiggly line liveries we're stuck with at the mo.
  7. KNT2011

    F1 vs AC

    AC GT spinoff Competizione on PS4 was the reason I eventually invested in a wheel, it's possible on controller but you need to be sourcing the right settings for it as it's all over the place by default and it'll never feel perfect regardless, or comfortable, it's just not made for it. At least that's my experience with both AC and ACC. Driving half length licensed endurance races through the night though, bliss, well worth it. Not played on PC with mods like the above, though it sure looks nice, can imagine it's heavily online focused with no real single player modes and will lack
  8. That arbitrary, huh. I like my badge better Cheers for answering.
  9. Don't know if I've missed something on this but does anyone know what these golden number badges are for, next to a few players in this session, I don't recall seeing them before.
  10. Yeah, Project Cars 2 had something like this where you would choose an option to look at (not enough speed on the straights, not turning into corners etc.) and the game /'engineer' would offer options to change to help with that specific issue. The more you got comfortable with making your own adjustments the less it was used but it was good for new players for sure, F1 could do with something like that.
  11. Was recently gifted World Tennis Tour 2 and had been trying to work out how you get a licensed Maria Sharapova so drastically wrong she turns out looking like a 40 a day teen mum from Hackney, but apparently I've been underestimating what is possible!
  12. Exactly, so the idea that the forums are unhappy! What does mean to CM really, lol. Grandad is in a bad mood.
  13. Oh for sure, I don't mean the community is different, but rather the difference in users of a forum like this and the rest of the F1 playerbase which doesn't post on here.
  14. I'd enjoy this, but is there such impatience outside of dedicated spaces like this forum? I see the odd comment on a Youtube vid, but it's nowhere near like it is here. Indeed, going off Youtube comments Braking Point was very well received., for example. How much does a dedicated forum really matter to CM's public image.
  15. You might want to try knocking this option off under Audio Settings, which I think is new for this year. So the countdown at race start, the DRS noise etc, play through the controller speaker instead, it might be why you're having issues with upshift.
  16. Sorry mate, I do remember it being a topic but I'd just be guessing on the actual numbers.
  17. I know I'm probably a broken record on this but they literally had this feature as one of the core new things in the game. Mathers even included it when noting they had removed classic cars etc. to 'focus on the new features, 2 player career, Braking Point and Real Season Start'. I believe they were deliberately vague over the details as it must have been obvious it would be a disappointment. There's even some 'reviews' of the game by the youtube crowd who were given early access that claim you could be a real driver. What do you say when people find out it's just a career setup op
  18. KNT2011

    Patch 1.05

    How slim 1.05 patch was considering the known issues, many known about since BETA, was very disappointing. And as well to not be followed by a larger patch quickly afterwards. In 9 days it will be a month since release and online modes are still barely working properly.
  19. KNT2011

    Patch 1.05

    Is XBox currently still 1.04? I was hoping we'd see 1.06 this week but I still feel like they don't want to get too far ahead of Xbox's version.
  20. You're almost suggesting it's on purpose there
  21. Loving the way Eau Rouge feels on this game, possibly the best in any racing game. It should give that tingle of fear as you approach, and a sense of relief as you exit. Really getting a feel for the weight transfer in the middle as well, it can be pretty exhilarating or as close as it can come at home. Certainly PJ's advice is sound, I find any problems I have here is when I second guess myself on entry and hesitate to turn in, that's when I'm spat out and into the wall. If I have confidence in my line, and commit to full throttle, I've always come through the other si
  22. Been trying to get better off the starts, though I'm typically at the speed of those around me, it would be nice to get a jump from time to time. Will try this out. I think the biggest challenge is remembering the steps in the moment when the lights go out and there's a hundred things happening at once.
  23. I run 22.7 on the rears, and I consider that low compared to other circuits. I wouldn't touch 21.1 except for Monaco / Singapore. Baku is a little different as it has elements of circuit tracks as well and is a lot faster than the two street slogs, I'd raise that rear pressure if I was you and maybe drop the front for balance.
  24. Agreed, has been discussed elsewhere it's a big disappointment and should have been a championship mode with real driver play. Making it very simple. We see the challenged of licensing that CM faces every year, they still can't get agreement to put sponsor boards up in the empty spaces at Suzuka. I don't think it's a general licensing issue but something specific to FOM/F1. It just seems like there's far too much restriction as to what CM can and can't do. I genuinely think things like driver transfers, the ability to edit the calendar somewhat, were things that they probably ha
  25. Any examples? Out of curiosity I booted up ones I've played recently WRC 8 - Create your own driver Moto GP 20 - Create your own driver NASCAR Heat 5 - Create your own driver ACC Competizione - Create your own driver F1 doesn't seem all that out of line with other racers when it comes to career mode and drivers, unless you can show some examples otherwise. Truthfully man I think it comes down to licensing, at least in F1. They've never done it, ever, so it leads me to think there's something in the agreement that mentions players can't affect the long term
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