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  1. It might be harsh but he's certainly heading towards that kind of opinion rather than the other way. I suspect a break from Merc will do him the world of good mentally and I would like to see him at Le Mans tbh.
  2. Duotone, RGB and the signature style one, J Willis? are gone and were among the more realistic looking logos so that's disappointing. Why remove? Just add more.. If they're offered back to me in podium pass I won't be pleased. Not to mention Daily Items are already looping and we appear to have seen all the option until next pass.
  3. So it can't be set in Grand Prix mode then, that's annoying! Good to know where it is though, cheers.
  4. So anyone actually find this option cos' I"m not seeing it. Googling around there's a lot of people asking for it but it's not actually there, the workaround appears to be to just turn his volume off until the race. If you've found it pop a screenshot up for us?
  5. For me it just needs heaps of immersion poured onto it, lol. It can have all the systems in the world but if off track is just you in that same office with the same faces and the same red car that really should have been towed by now it loses interest pretty quick for me. We used to have the mobile offices or whatever, that would have the backdrop of the current GP, people would talk to you in person, if you spoke to the engineers they had their own area you would visit. These things might be seen as just window dressing but at least it helped the world feel alive. I would put so much mo
  6. Feel free to start your own threads about it.
  7. How is it not a level playing field? You don't lose points because it rained. Everyone in your race has the same opportunity to adapt to the situation, and the same points are on the table. Anyway, that appears to be how it's set up regardless.
  8. Yeah I mean I assume that's kind of the point, if it was the same every race people would just redo it with the prior knowledge. It didn't rain until the last couple of laps on mine.
  9. Please, enlighten us lad, how long it takes to design and create a whole circuit from scratch. I'm sure we'd all like to know. Do be sure to note your experience in the field as well so we're all informed.
  10. Yeah I figured that must be too good to be true for long All I needed to know though mate, cheers.
  11. Some basic n00b stuff sorry, if you will indulge me. Still trying to get my head around this mode as I'd like to do it every week this year. Am I right in thinking, like last week, some events are scenarios you play against the AI and others are online races such as this week, or did I somehow miss last weeks race? Is it the case that if I do the race or scenario multiple times, it builds more score or wipes my previous score? On this leaderboard after today's Hungary race event, I'm 11th, is that in the world?!?!?!? Thanks in advance.
  12. You should see it in the top right of your settings menu mate, if it's not there then maybe you can't change it after career start, I don't know I haven't started one yet to test.
  13. There was a problem last year with players not getting pitcoins on launch but I haven't seen anything about that for this year. You might want to log it here and get some help with it https://forums.codemasters.com/forum/140-report-an-issue/
  14. Could even pop a promo for it on the main screen after a real life GP or something to highlight you can join in the battle (excuse the lack of any art skills) It's far less interesting knowing you'd have to be Louis Hemorrhoid instead.
  15. Real Season Start is a big misstep unfortunately, To a degree they couldn't have predicted it while designing the mode but we have a real life championship battle for the ages this year and obviously casual players and F1 fans (hardcore as well but those are already bought in) would have loved the opportunity to jump in as Lewis or Max from the current point in the season, it would have been a big draw but CM missed the boat with it completely.
  16. Is time trial not just your character in an F1 car? So it's just Grand Prix mode
  17. Either there is some good in the game, or I'm a masochist Likely a bit of both
  18. You need to begin a mode, race or time trial or whatever, go to track, then come back out of it to the main menu.
  19. If I'm honest about it I don't think they will. It's easy to say it wouldn't be a big patch but you're talking about removing the career element as you can't have that with a real driver, at least we think due to licensing reasons, and if you were able to add it here you'd need to also add the option to full career mode. So you're talking about programming the above or converting this into a championship style mode (which it should have been from the beginning) and I just don't see the resources being allocated to do it, given the sheer amount of bugs and problems around the game that wi
  20. That they put this as such an integral part of their new features reveals is genuinely embarrassing. I think you're the only person playing it, mate. Almost completely useless mode and not what was sold to us.
  21. Appreciate the breakdown, it was a genuine question. I had no idea so much had been cut from career in 20, like I say I didn't bother with it last year after experiencing a lot of it on 19 I just assumed it was untouched. The last one I really enjoyed and played through multiple seasons of was 17, it seems it's been heavily cut every year since then.
  22. Agreed, is this supposed to be some evidence of bad AI? Shocking move. Car behind no time to react, AI or otherwise.
  23. Even then I haven't had a 10+ player lobby actually go into a race since the first couple of nights of early access. The problem is being further spotlighted cos there's no one there a lot of the time, people know slight damage to the front wing ends the race, they know spinning cars aren't ghosted like they should be, they know they'll spend an hour for 1 5 lap race.. I can't blame them for staying away.
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