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  1. I found out the AI is especially unrealistically fast in the first sector with those fast swooping corners and long straight. Hopefully the AI retraining that Codemasters says they are working on will also fix this.
  2. Yes, AI is definitely faster around Imola then on all other tracks, already noticed this. I think it has to do with the many fast speed corners and the AI being able to go faster around those corners than you.
  3. Seriously? Is that Red Bull Honda livery not a one off in the game but at every race? The game keeps becoming more and more ridiculous this way…
  4. A Red Bull Turkish Grand Prix livery, yet no Turkish GP in the game. Something doesn’t add up 🤨
  5. Why do we want or need a Red Bull Turkey livery? They should focus on fixing those annoying shadows on the tyres and bodywork. Or fix the performance gaps between each teams which leads to the same qualifying results race in, race out.
  6. Melbourne. As it’s been the first track I tried a yearly F1 game on because it was always the season opener.
  7. Nope, was already an issue in F1 2020. For some reason some of the simulation settings revert back all the time after you start a new Grand Prix.
  8. Why aren’t those driver rating updates applied to Grand Prix mode? Surely that can’t be too hard right? Like I posted in another thread, it’s getting boring seeing the same qualifying results every race in Grand Prix mode.
  9. No, I mean buildings and trees literally ‘popping up’ in the distance when you enter a certain part of the track. PS5 is more powerful, so all the textures will already be loaded when racing, so no scenery ‘popping up’ , whereas the PS4 is less poweful. On PS4 you can see pop ups on tracks with a lot of scenery like Melbourne or Monaco.
  10. Graphics is slightly more sharper and I think the PS5 will have less pop ups of buildings and trees when you’re racing.
  11. Unfortunately not for console players.
  12. Still waiting for a hotfix to fix those messy black dots on the tires and car. Also a better performance update would be nice. It still needs more variation. For example, right now Aston Martin is literally always 13th and 14th in qualifying. McLaren is always 5th and 6th, and Perez is always 3rd or 4th. It gets boring having almost every race the same qualifying results.
  13. We already know what season 2 will be for F1 2022. Aiden signs for Ferrari, with Butler probably in a Mercedes and another cheesy rivalry story.
  14. But it’s not like they don’t use ERS at all though. I’ve watched some onboard replays of the AI and sometimes I can see the ERS bar turn green on their steering wheel.
  15. I’ve done a few races in Grand Prix mode now, but the AI performance still isn’t very representative. Aston Martin has been nerfed down way too much. They always qualify 13th and 14th, a few tenths behind the top ten even, so will never qualify in the top ten. Also, Perez has been upgraded too much. He’s too close to Bottas in qualifying and always qualifies 3rd or 4th. It’s a bit boring now. Every qualifying session is the same with Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren, Ferrari and Gasly always in the top ten. The last top ten spot is Alonso, Ocon or Tsunoda.
  16. I can name so many examples from real life where drivers have spun without colliding with someone. Remember all those Vettel spins? Not to mention a lot of drivers spin in practice and quali as well, yet in the game they hardly ever do.
  17. Never officially confirmed by Codemasters, but yeah, between initial release and the first few patches, the AI don’t make mistakes anymore. I don’t understand why Codemasters changed this. It was so nice seeing an AI driver spin every once and a while. Heck, it even was so realistic that I had a race once where Bottas hit both Red Bulls. Now, they just drive like on rails again, never making a mistake that makes them spin out. They even made the AI again like in F1 2019/ F1 2020, they don’t back out when you squeeze them a bit on the straights. No they keep going in a straight line, makin
  18. Don’t worry, McLaren is still faster in the game, well in Grand Prix mode anyway.
  19. Feels like car physics have improved as well. They feel less like driving on ice. You can ‘attack’ the tracks and corners a lot more now.
  20. I hope the performance update lets Alfa Romeo and Williams surprise now and then in qualifying, and not always be in P15 to P20. In real life Russell and Giovinazzi sometimes surprise with a Q2 position or even make Q3.
  21. Great track, and not really that hard to learn must say. With the default balanced setup it’s perfectly driveable without being punished when using a lot of the curbstones.
  22. Since installing patch 1.09 I keep getting help messages during a race, even though I have every help setting turned off. Like for example when entering the pits it gives me an on screen help message which button to press for the pit limiter. Anyone else have this as well? It’s a bit annoying, there’s no way to turn them off. I tried looking in the driver aids options as well as the customizable OSD.
  23. Am I the only one who feels, that after the recent patches, the AI isn’t as agressive and fun to race against as during the initial release of the game? It feels like they’re back to F1 2020 standards, backing out of a fight way too soon and slotting in behind your car again. Or is it just my imagination?
  24. This was already an issue in F1 2020 as well. Some settings kept resetting, at least in Grand Prix Mode anyway,
  25. Makes you feel like Codemasters doesn’t test ingame when they fix a bug to test if it doesn’t cause another….
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