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  1. Duntly

    Former Circuits

    I miss Istanbul Park, really enjoyed that track.
  2. Duntly

    How do I fix this?

    For your information. PC version is still on 1.03 so it is displaying correctly.
  3. Duntly

    Female Drivers

    +1 they are for sure in the game, just look harder! 😄
  4. Duntly

    Give us Co-Op for my team.

    It's the first year of having MyTeam, so I think it's unlikely to be added. Maybe 2021?
  5. Duntly

    Do players get mechanical failures?

    I think players do experience mechanical issues, not sure about in single GP's or multiplayer but in career mode I've had; DRS fail quite a few times ICE failed at around 80% and had a huge loss in power Gearbox has failed once and had to retire, as I forgot to change it when it was at 94% wear At least it keeps you on your toes to keep the engine/gearbox maintained!
  6. Duntly

    Championship mode neglected again

    You realise you can create a League with your friends, right? Pretty much exactly the same functionality as Championship mode.