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  1. HUNKungFury

    Another featured event?!

    We don't need daily updates, I think they stopped caring for F1 2019 for good, Like they did to F1 2018 after the new game came out.
  2. HUNKungFury

    Another featured event?!

    I really don't think they will ever re-open the weekly events in F1 2019 ( they haven't in F1 2018 either), this is PC and steam guys so I don't really know the console system, but there is Dirt rally for example, it has 170 tropies, you can do 169. Guess what, the 170th trophy is " play the game in early access", get it? That is impossible if you buy it after release and you were not a pre-orderer. Plus one more thing: the PC version of F1 2019 still has bugs and glitches. And they say F1 2020 bugs are priority. Well I know, for one year. 😄
  3. HUNKungFury

    Another featured event?!

    Just like they never did in F1 2018? :) They work like a true capitalist company, only present products get full support. One year old game? Who gives a shssss. Buy 2020 games, forget last year. F1 2019 weekly event locked since this morning, because 2020 came out last Friday.
  4. HUNKungFury

    Another featured event?!

    I bought the game on Steam at discount, the event lobby was grey (inactive) at that point around 2019 may or june, so I could not even participate. "It's showtime" - compele an event - trophy
  5. HUNKungFury

    Another featured event?!

    I'm stuck at 98% in F1 2018 because the weekly event, I'm stuck at 98% in F1 2019 because the weekly event, I'm stuck at 98% (168/170) at Dirt rally, one of that is 'early access' trophy - Thank you codemasters...
  6. HUNKungFury

    F1 2019 Weekly Events still around?

  7. HUNKungFury

    F1 2019 weekend warrior, the whole event

    Me too, That is the only multipalyer archivement i'm missing.