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  1. I really hope there will be crossplay.
  2. Would be awesome if F1 2021 would support crossplay between all platforms!
  3. It's Windows 10 English. There is also a Dutch language pack installed, but I've set it all to English.
  4. Well the Engineer (radio messages etc) are not available in Dutch, so I have that set in English and that works just fine like it always did. Dutch commentary is new in this edition, wasn't available in F1 2019. And I'd love to turn it on, it's same commentator who also commentates on Dutch television 🙂 Yeah it might be a Steam language/ingame language/commentary language setting issue, but sadly it's still not working 😞
  5. Well I tried this (a complete reïnstall), but it didn't help. My game language (text) is English, my Steam is set to English but if I change commentary to Dutch: it won't play any commentary at all, just silence...
  6. I have the exact same issue after changing to the Dutch language. Any fix for this soon?
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