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  1. Try the solution in my post. It fixed the same issue for me. The pedals recognized as axis (and other wheel installation issues)
  2. After playing a LOT of multiplayer ranked races, can confirm that the performance tier is working and not bugged. I just went from Silver 3 to Gold 1. The game doesn't tell you if you are close to rank up/down, but it works. Cheers!
  3. The registry fix, if windows recognize it as it should, it never gave me any issue after that. FFB is working as intended and didn't have to do the fix again. @Gron96 Can you check if you have other devices in OEM section that could be any kind of conflict with the wheel? (other wheels, gamepads, joysticks, etc) The angle steer lock, i couldn't find any permanent fix yet. Those steps must be done everytime the game launches to make it work with the desired angle.
  4. A detailed description of the issue. It seems that the game tries to matchmake again after every ranked race, instead of keeping the same lobby/players together. Happens everytime a race ends, either you were racing or spectating. You appear in a new lobby alone, and then tries to "join a session", sometimes with the same people, sometimes with new people. (And sometimes with the error NM14, or NM7, don't remember right now) Platform? PC/Steam Game-mode? Every online ranked mode. 5 laps, or 25% [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? Had
  5. There isn't a 50% lenght races in ranked, just 5 laps or 25% I'm not entirely sure if it's an issue or not, but i was wondering the same thing. After the first 5 races, the game gives you a performance rank, and safety rank. The safety rank works as intended, if you have crashes or something, your safety rank goes down, and goes up if you finish clean races. The performance rank never changes, either you do really well, or really bad. I've been winning races with some drivers who have almost the same tier than me, Silver 3, (or silver 2, or gold 1), and it nevers goes up (or dow
  6. I had the same issue before, and i've found a workaround for it. It's not a permanent fix, but it works (and takes just 5 seconds) 5th post in this thread: Cheers!
  7. Besides the ffb registry solution, there is a workaround to set the steer angle lock. Open g-gub. Set your desired angle (270~320 is confortable for F1) Launch the game (should be working as 900°, even if it's configured in any other number) When you are in game, alt+tab to g-hub again (don't close the game) Uncheck the box "use game settings" (in steering ffb config. Bottom left) Check the box again, and return to the game. Now should be working with the angle you've configured in g-hub. This solution is not ideal, kind of tedious doing all tho
  8. I had this problem too, and after looking around and testing a lot of things, i've found a solution (at least for my G923, but it's the same issue) I've made a post with steps to fix this. My guess for the issue, is how windows recognize and install the wheel, and adds the registry's entries, creating compatibility issues between different wheel models, or plugin-in the wheel before installing g-hub, and so on. Even when you reinstall G-Hub, or the wheel, the registry entries are still there misconfigured, (even with "special garbage remover" software) This one is a windows/Logi
  9. Hi! After having some troubles with my wheel G923, and looking around everywhere, i've found a solution to solve FFB issues and compatibility issues. In my case, i have a Logitech G923 xbox edition, but it should work with all the similar variants. My specific issues were: - Having the wheel very light with no center force. - The throttle were recognized as an axis instead of a pedal in control scheme mapping, and in some cases, in the default scheme for g923, the throttle was always 100%. I've found that the issue is related to the windows registry entries, after a ba
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