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  1. What about your cars? Have you got pit points liveries on them? Or racenet liveries?
  2. No thanks to codemasters, but turns out its a livery bug. My car and suit was a racemaster. Changed them to default and so far so good. Son is asleep so i might get a cheeky few laps in.
  3. Same here. My team. Version 1.02. Xbox elite controller. Done three practice sessions for the Chinese gp. Load up qualifying then ill occasionally get to my workstation, but more often it crashes before that, then i get booted to xbox home screen. Ive Cleared cache, cleared bluray data, reset the console even deleted a load of other games off the machine and external hd, cleared alternative mac addresses 🤷🏻‍♂️, cleared local save games, and moved the game from external to internal storage. Absolutely gutted cause i only get an hour or two at night when the kids are a
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