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  1. Thx. I thought so.. but god help me I can’t understand why??
  2. How does some players have their self designed logos? And helmets? Where in the game do you have it? I’m stuck with a basic logo...
  3. Can’t connect to online features. There’s a “maintenance” massage. Does anyone else have a problem getting online??
  4. Why isn’t there a way to remove a stint? Not just adding? There are tracks where the game chooses 3 stints and two pit stops, and you can’t change it. In some tracks I want to make only one pit stop and I have to do it mid race and “Against” the strategy. Codemasters- give the drivers more control!!!!
  5. I guess it depends, what’s the AI difficultly you drive against, it matters a lot. Do you have all the assists on and to which degree? Do you do full practice and qualifying? And for sure it matters how many laps- it is grueling and highly demanding when you make 50 to 100 percent of the race.. also determine , off course, in what do you develop in the car/facilities and/or second driver and well, the basic thing - your DRIVING abilities... some, that makes smart decisions and are actually very good drivers, get ahead relatively fast (I took the manufacturers championship on the 3rd season) a
  6. Maybe you have “steering assist” on and on full?
  7. When you’re on the assist screen, press “up gear” and it will move to the next screen where it is adjustable. I think your stuck on “custom” and there is a second configuration screen
  8. When you have a blue flag and a lapping car behind, I think you need to give a full width as immediately as possible (car size wide area) in order to comply with blue flag.
  9. I just about finishing season 3 on My Team and started to wonder, what happens after season ten? Do you retire and become a commentator? Can you keep on playing as long as you want? What’s your thoughts on this?
  10. In Monaco You can’t let down your concentration even for a millisecond..you’ve got to be “on it” for the entire race- that’s why. I do agree that a race that have an abundance of overtaking opportunities is thrilling, but usually less technical and a bit less demanding. Of course that is my subjective opinion..
  11. Monaco is amazingly hard, still technical, dangerous and all ways full of action. To master it, and win it- is some prize and something to be proud of. Singapore? Man, that’s a shiti track, I do not enjoy it and I feel no real motivation and challenge. Hate it.. wish it would be replaced soon.....
  12. I’ve finished 2nd season of My Team and signed Esteban Ocon for 3rd season instead of Kvyat (2nd driver). What do you all think? A good move?🤔
  13. Have you tried to NOT use any Schumacher dlc and gear?
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