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  1. That's fine, I wasn't that far in it anyways. Also good to hear that you've found something. Speaking of which, my new MyTeam career just crashed about 8 races in after the Japan Short invitational, in an extremely similar fashion as the driver career one. Luckily enough the save didn't get corrupted this time (would have probably uninstalled if it did ), but there definitely seems to be an issue with invitational events. I sent the EgoDumper crash report roughly 20 minutes ago.
  2. @DEVWDN Could you give any update on this bug please? I'd like to at least know if the save is somehow salvageable, or if I'll definitely have to start a new career.
  3. At first I thought so too, but My Team is actually surprisingly fun . Anyways, I successfully got past the Dutch Invitational and Chinese GP with my team career so I think that's fine. Also, I tested Driver Career with the same configuration as my corrupted one: customized 16 race calendar, Alfa Romeo with Kimi as teammate, and simulated until the Dutch Invitational. I drove that manually and the game didn't crash. So I guess there's no logical reason for the crash and save getting corrupted.
  4. Unfortunately no, haven't heard anything. I started My Team yesterday and at least got past the Dutch Invitational. Just read that you crashed again after the Chinese GP which I'm at right now, let's see what happens
  5. Bummed to hear that others experience this as well. Is there any chance that the save could be repaired, or could I somehow revert to an earlier one before the crash? Or do I just have to start a new career and hope it doesn't happen again?
  6. Thanks for the quick reply, save games attached. remote.zip
  7. 1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. Driver Career mode first crashed after completing an Invitational Event, Checkpoint challenge at Zandvoort (Loading screen now says Round 4/16). After attempting to load back into My Career the career hub appears blank with some red warnings (see screenshot), and upon changing tabs the game crashes again. No other buttons can be pressed. I started the career with 16 races on the calendar, and I also customized the tracks somewhat: removed at least Monaco and Singapore, but can't remember which tracks I replaced
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