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  1. samuel999

    Redbull livery problem?

    cus my theory is, when they did the livery updates. they mentioned they added sponsors and stuff, but didnt mention that they changed the colours of a few of the cars. the renault being the big one, from a completely matte black, to a matte-gloss black instead. i think they did the same for the redbull, cus in bright light conditions its navy blue which isnt realstic. so they updated it.. but something went wrong, and its only applied on the halo
  2. there was a recent patch to update some car liveries. with some liveries such as the renault they also updated some of the materials to make it look more authentic but they werent mentioned, only the sponsors were mentioned as updates. i think the redbull also got an updated livery... however on the halo you can see the new texture, but you can see it transition back to its old colour scheme and throughout the rest of the car you can clearly see the 2 different colours and where they collide. can there be a fix for this in the next patch?
  3. samuel999


    same with me, and im on xbox one
  4. samuel999

    Redbull livery problem?

    since last year, the redbull has looked good. however, in bright light conditions, the redbull looks more navy blue instead of its normal near-black shade. i have a feeling that codies have tried fixing it in the latest update.. however on the halo it looks like its worked, it looks the correct shade, however at a point it gets cut off and goes back to its original shade which is too blue. do i need to report this as a bug?
  5. samuel999

    Earning pitcoins

    In this new game there are pitcoins. I just wanna know the ways they are earnt. You can buy them in the store with real money, and earn them through the podium pass section, however you'd only earn 10k through the podium pass with vip, and the podium pass vip being 9000 means you dont earn a lot for shop items and such. is there any other way to earn pitcoins other then the podium pass and purchasing them?
  6. I purchased the Deluxe Schumacher edition It was the digital version of the game I purchased the game on the 13th of May I have not purchased any coin packs, however a friend of mine who has had the same lack of preorder pitcoins issue as me, has purchased a coin pack and has received them