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  1. And the only friend of mine who didn't get this problem at the end of season 1 just got it at the end of season 2 lol
  2. This does not work for me. There is no Approach button in the compare screen and the original bug/problem comes after you ignore the driver market contract window and end up with the reserve driver being contracted but the game still wanting you to contract another driver which is now NOT possible because the reserve driver has already been contracted thus removing the Approach button and this is where you end up in the loop .
  3. Hope the testing team has nailed the problem already 😞
  4. Uploaded folder 1080110 from Steam's userdata folder and folder F1 2020 found in My Documents->My Games I hope that's what you need. F1_bug.rar
  5. Will do in 5 hours when I get home. Sorry for making the team wait
  6. Should I post a compressed file of my save game FOLDER found in the game's ID on steam's UserData folder and also the F1 2020 folder in My Documents?
  7. Re-Installed the game. Still nothing. I hope you can save me from having to delete my first season and trying again. Don't wanna do that 😞 Just want to play my team
  8. No problem. Might have to wait till 4 or 5 more hours from now shall you need it cause I just went to work for a bit now. Thank you. I await for directions.
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