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  1. Why does the car sound like a bunch of cutlery rattling around when I shift? The other annoying thing is the blue f1 cut acreent that makes the really loud car sound... comon, why would you add garbage to the game? It happens everytime I flash back in time trial...
  2. Before a qualifying lap I want to be able to switch to no traction control but I can't.
  3. When I'm trying to hold throttle steady it is bounces all over the place. It happens in corners where I want steady throttle and it happens on the start line. I have multiple controllers and this happens on all of them. Xbox one s. Why do we have problems that are this serious? It's a game where you use gas and brakes and one of them is screwed up... common guys, it was better last year.
  4. It says I don't have multiplayer privileges. It won't let me join a custom lobby either. I see the game and when I try to join I get the message that it failed to join. Xbox series s. Why did I pay 80 bucks for a game that's worse than last years? 5 less tracks and I can't even play? How do I get a refund?
  5. How come nobody does multiplayer car setups? It's used the most for sure. Can you please make some for 2020?
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