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  1. Digit471

    VR Jitter / Blinking while Head movement

    I think it is the USB Studder Problem, but the fixes are not working.. The Stutter accours mostly when im Braking and in Corners.. Hopefully this is getting fixed till my HP G2 VR has arrived, ore i cant play that game any more.. Kind Regrads
  2. Hi There, i searched and tryed much, but now i had to Post. Because it is not a Stutter Permoance Issue. The Problem accours only when i move my Head, tested all Graphics Settings -> no Help. I also unplugged all USB devices. ~i7 8600, Asus 2080super, 16GB, samsung odyssey +, Windows Mixed reality, Simucube, SFX100 Motion Anyone a Idea What i can do? Can installing the Oculus Portal help? Kind Regards Digit