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  1. Similar issue started half way through my second 10 race season, went to go to customization but crashes on team finances. Ignored it and now after the last race of my second season game also crashes when going to the R&D tree or trying to advance the time line with or without filling in activities. So I can not advance my team career further. I am on Xbox one S. I am hoping is a game bug and not a corrupted game save ....... The car was just starting to get up to speed.
  2. Majikthese

    Lose my data on Xbox?

    It should be separate, but best get this confirmed by others before you do anything.
  3. Majikthese

    Lose my data on Xbox?

    As long as you don't delete the save file you should be fine. That said, I doubt re-installing will fix anything, the game is a bug fest We all have to wait patiently for the new patch and hope it fixes our issues. I was fine with the odd glitch, but yesterday after my last race in season 2 of the my team mode, my game will load but crash anytime I try to move it on.
  4. Majikthese

    My Team into second season and having issues..

    Crash To Desktop, or in this instance Crash to Xbox homescreen 😊
  5. I developed a CTD halfway through my second season when trying to add a new sponsors logo to my car from the my team menu scrolling across to customization, does it everytime. Now after the last race of my second season trying to go to any section in the R&D to develop parts, sees the game hang for a bit then CTD. Trying to advance the game to see if it helps also results in a hang and CTD. So now I can not progress at all in my team career ☹️ This is on an Xbox One S and 70 edition digital game version.
  6. What version of the game did you purchase (Deluxe Edition or 70 Edition) Was this a digital or boxed version of the game? If digital, when was the original purchase made? Have you attempted to purchase any coin packs? If so, were these were added correctly? 70 Edition Digital 19th June 2020 No Gamertag: Majikthese Console Xbox One S