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  1. Yes, I let the thought bounce in my brain left to right for a while and it was not a valid point from me. Of course theres a market for it, but still it feels a bit over priced for me
  2. I dont know. Im not 11, I dont understand the whole new generation skin mania, back in my counter strike 1.6/source days were skins for free just for you. I feel game industry scamming young players for uterlly unecesary **** like this they even cant have more than a year
  3. I was a bit dramatic there, but: Braking point is paid content 2 player career ok, agree. But I have no friends, so nothing for me The damage model is like putting few more breakable pieces to a car and tadaaaa, please pay us. I get it, lot of work, programing etc. But in my 2 seasons I didnt have any sidepod or rear wing damages, yet Im driving with simulation damage. Ive mentioned handling, but it should be obvious for a new game Quick practice - wow, that must have been real struggle R&d struckture is different every year I guess and I feel this year
  4. Just give it a go in differnt games, mate or better on a sim like Assetto, mate. I swear you can run that kerb on a concrete block setup and you wont spit your beer 😄 On F1 2021 my wheel is having a stroke like 8.0 earhtquake magnitude just runnig it to the end with jello setup
  5. Im fed up. Disapointed. Let down. How is it posibble to win races and being absolutely of pace in the same two seasons with the same team performance with the same difficulty? Which is 103 - 105. Below mid field team. What the hell are those kerbs? You run them numerous laps fine and then the game decides ,,hmmm, what about killing this dudes race right now for no reason?" The best example might be the exit of turn 9 in Spain. What the hell is wrong with the AI? Rocket speed in high speed corners and parking the bus in slow speed corners? Why am I almost every weekend about
  6. Yep, same here. Wheel and no assists. I guess it was just mozna on the exit of parabolica and first chicane, I think that my setup was really bad
  7. Yeah boys, I had a wet race at Singapore few days ago and I smashed the AI a lot. They are very inconsistent even in the dry conditions but I rarely make it into Q2, then comes the race and their pace is gone. Guess you need a lot of downforce for the rain (I used 10 - 8 wings). I just won Mexico in dry thanks to 2 safety cars and AIs not changing engine components. There was like 5 DNFs at the front and their top speed was wack. But again, qualified P18 and went to P9 at the end of the first lap. What the hell is that 😄
  8. Hey everyone, Ive just finished a wet race in My team mode in Monza and I have to apologise to every single one of you for laughing at you. Ive heard the AI this year have incredible out of corner speed and traction and I taught that all of you just suck at the game. I was so wrong. Im competing on 103 dif. My ****** dry quali left me only 0.15 ahead of my team mate in 17th position and I was feeling quite down with my performance but I knew that the wet weather might help me a bit. LOL at the start the traction AI have is probably unmatched even by a rocket. Ive tried numerous start
  9. Interesting, my quali in Austria was 1:04,1 and Silverstone was 1:28,4. Seems like Im really slow there
  10. Yes, Im focusing on the engine power and drag and as I said before, my oldest Mercedes component is 46% used. The main point is that in Austria and Baku I had no trouble keeping up on the straights with cars around me. Silverstone is completely different, on the straight after Mag and Bec I could be a 2 cars away from car in front of me and with Rich and Overtake enable for the whole straight I can keep up, but its not possible to use rich and overtake on all straights every single lap. And without ERS and overtake I jist wanish like 5-10 cars lenght
  11. Not every race Im on 105, its the highest I was competitive with my teammate, it was for 4 races so far I think, Im slowly gaining speed in the game. As I said - I started about 98 if I remember correctly, every round when I gain half a second in quali on my team mate I put up the difficulty for next round. But the Silverstone is a bit of a shock, my strong track and suddenly Im 1.5 behind my team mate.
  12. My issue is lack of straight line speed and understeer is really bad behind another cars,its a different story on clear lap. Im running quite new Mercedes engine components, max usage is about 46% at the start of the race. I gor your point. For example in China I had no issue with driveability, not even closely behind another cars, just straight line speed was a bit lower. Same in Spain and France. At circuits like Baku and Austria I was to my suprise running front midfield pace, racing Mclarens and Renaults. I think Im capable of making an acceptable setup. But the Britain... Haas was f
  13. Hey everybody, Ive got a small trouble completing British GP in My Team mode. I started firts season on 98 diff. and last few races Im on 105 (as usual from years before). But now on the silverstone Im slow as hell. Ive been working on my setup whole day but the AI just mocks me like 1,5 sec in quali. I swallowed my pride and accepted 101 diff (just wanna play on ultimate) but the racing is wierd. The AI are capable of following each other like a car lenght in the corners and I just cant stay behind, losing almost half a second in maggots and becketts in the traffic. Of course I changed my win
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