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  1. Thanks folks. Surely there must be a way that purposeful crashes are penalised - three strikes, and its a weeks ban? Something like that. Anyways, see you in 2021.
  2. Yeah, I feel it. I really gave it my best, stuck with it. You sit long enough waiting to join a lobby, then join. Then get smashed off the track. Sit and wait until the next race, only to get smashed off the track in the next race. Sit again. And so on. Impossible to find a lobby where you aren't getting smashed off the track. Such a pity as I'm sure the majority of gamers are genuinely trying to be fair.
  3. So, I have recently ventured off and tried (again) to play ranked multiplayer: it's a waste of time. I get it that we are playing online and there is going to be a bit of banging into each other, but its frustrating as heck when you're rammed off the track by another player just because you pass them. Nothing happens to them. They turn up in the next game and do it again. Maybe thats just the way it needs to be, but for me; theres no enjoyment in it. Sorry, I know its childish and I know been done to death, but thats me back off multiplayer and I've done enough seasons of career. W
  4. France, turn 2: I noticed very easy to pick up a penalty here - very strict. But its a bit frustrating when you pick up a penalty if the AI cause you off the line - I was bumped in the rear, went off the line and got a penalty. Where is the penalty for the AI? 😂
  5. I - like everyone else - have been upgrading as I go along. I found myself in 6th place in a pouring wet race at France. Started on slicks, around lap 8 it was onto inters and I was passing everyone! Then around lap 14 it was onto wets. I was 8 seconds ahead of Ricciardo with 6 laps to go and the tyres completely fell off a cliff. Ricciardo's tyres were as old as mine but he led a field past me as though I had four punctures! I was encouraged with the upgrades however, and I had a decent finish in Austria in a dry race - I think around 14th. But at Britain I was losing a second a lap and
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