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  1. StormyGuy

    New Safety Car System

    The safety car comes out way too randomly, I don’t really know how it’s done, but sometimes the cars are stopped just on the side of the tracks and there is nothing. Every track should have their own zones. All designed runoff areas bring out nothing, and wether the space where the car parked up should decide whether there is a SC or VSC. It should be consistent, if a car parks in that spot, it should be decided right away what it is. It is very hard to explain, but I hope you understand what I mean. Debris on track should also bring out the VSC, depending on how bad it is. If a car parks up/crashes on the start/finish straight, the safety car should go through the pit lane. Allow a race to end under SC, if a car is parked in a SC/VSC zone, like I said, if that spot is dangerous, it’s dangerous. It’s not because it’s the end that the SC shouldn’t come out. It would also be good to have retirements in the pit lane. Here’s a photo of Baku City Circuit to show the example of my suggestion to make it easier to understand.
  2. StormyGuy

    Radio preference changes

    There should be more options on how much radio you want, because I’m on critical only and he talks anything but critical. I don’t think this is a bug but it would be nice if we could choose what we want to hear: -Fuel Info (which is always broken as Jeff always says to go in mix 2 even though we don’t need to) -Gaps -Engine wear -And especially have the ability to stop him from talking in the garage, he is acting like everyone is a newbie. etc...
  3. StormyGuy

    Cancel Pit

    It would be nice for there to be a radio option to cancel pit, for example if you want to change your strategy mid race, and not make a pit stop you were supposed to, to tell the team no. I race with the racing line and it is very distracting to have it for an x number of laps when you don’t wanna pit.