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  1. @BarryBL are you able to confirm if todays 1.12 patch fixes the issue?
  2. Thank you as always for your support and update @BarryBL, i do appreciate it! Fingers crossed for 1.11
  3. Not a problem, would have been nice to be informed. Do we have an updated timescale on this now? Is patch 1.11 likely to have the fix?
  4. Same, i set this thread up almost 2 months ago now! And this was on the second time i had this bug!
  5. Glad its not only me getting annoyed with this. Feel like ive wasted £50 buying the game. Wasnt fixed with patch 1.10 as we were told it would be either
  6. @BarryBL i noticed today game has updated and new patch is 1.10.1, this still hasnt fixed the black please wait screen which ive been suffering with for god knows how long now, was this meant to be the fix!?
  7. If you scroll up a couple of comments you'll see it says this should be fixed with patch 1.10. Yesterday saw patch 1.09 released so hopefully only 2 or 3 weeks away from the fix now! @BarryBLin regards to the fix when we get back to it and load it up, do you know what the screen will say, will it say race? I tried again tonight just to check it didnt fix through 1.09 and it still says qualifying 3, assume this will update
  8. thats amazing thanks for the update @BarryBL, hopefully only a couple weeks now until i can get back to the save!
  9. Assuming nothing back from the developers yet? Just want to get back playing this 😅
  10. Thank you @BarryBL, does that mean there is likely to be a fix in the not so distant future?
  11. This is exactly the same as whats happened to mine. Fingers crossed with your save file they'll find a fix to release in the next patch 🤞
  12. No problem, thanks for the update, hopefully someone on pc can upload the issue soon
  13. Anything to help me @BarryBL? I cant do that having the save on xbox one instead of steam??
  14. I cant save it in the middle of the race, i cant even get in to the race. This is ridiculous for a game of this price that have had so many previous games over the years to have a bug like this that doesnt appear to have a resolution
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