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  1. scouse

    Your Worst Race So Far

    Never really got the whole flashback thing or maybe I am just a masochist. Could have a real rant but not the place.
  2. No such thing as a stupid question, only idiotic answers!!
  3. scouse

    Your Worst Race So Far

    Has to be Baku, started in pole leading the whole race and finished last. Engine problems on the last 2 laps put paid to a really good race, gutted would have been first podium for my team. Could have been avoided if only I had paid attention and swapped out parts.
  4. Agree, the AI this year is amazing so far, even with using a pad and having most of the assists off(just use automatic gears and medium TC). Had some lovely battles so far.
  5. scouse

    Players engine sound is lower than overall volume

    Agree, I have the same problem on PS4. I had to mess around with the in game settings, then create a new sound profile on my audio set up just to get it to sound OK. Volume from control pad is loud enough, just everything from my surround sound set up, sounded very mute.
  6. scouse

    AI Penalties

    I see somebody mentioned Blue flags. This is a big pet hate of mine at present, I have now had a couple of races were I've had a 5 sec penalty for not giving way. Yet the cars in front and behind me get nothing.
  7. Just wondering if anyone has come across any problems with Blue Flags on PS4. I was racing last night and will be the first to admit I am not super fast at present. So started to get lapped, the first 2 cars went past me no problem. Next car was just behind me, got told I had a blue flag OK fine pulled over of the racing line. Thinking they would pass as they were a lot faster than me, no they just sat there. Ended up getting a time penalty, so I done the only thing I could and hit pause and rewound the race and tried again. I ended up having to slow right down in order for them to pass, this totally ruined my race as was having a battle with the Williams.