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  1. enzo9983


    It's a 2020 official F1 game. I don't see why they would add circuits that aren't in. I would be happier if they added Mugello that will be run this year than adding classic tracks
  2. enzo9983

    Set weather in career

    Raining in Barhein? Lol
  3. enzo9983

    MyTeam Race Pace

    I think it's kind of the aim. you start with a terrible car, and improve it. The game is a car building gamemode, so where is the point in giving you a flying car, first season.
  4. enzo9983

    Multiplayer cheats

    Ok I get it. Sorry question was out of the subject 🙂 Thanks for the reply
  5. enzo9983

    Multiplayer cheats

    I have a simple question as I'm on PS4 and never encountered hackers. On a FPS game you can have aimbot or wallhacks, but here I'm confused... Why hack? Do you have a faster car? Well you still need to turn and break in corners...?
  6. enzo9983

    Set weather in career

    Could you name the tracks it's been raining on ?
  7. enzo9983

    Random Mechanical Failure for humans

    I like the idea but... Intelligent people playing F1 2020 (5%) Idiots playing F1 2020 (95%) And trust me, those idiots, they are so happy when their rivals leaves a race, but if the game would dare give the OP an issue and provoke them to retire, the forum would be flooded abt how unfair the game is and how too many times we are caused to retire and so on... I really like your idea, but I'm afraid it's not possible
  8. enzo9983

    Female Drivers

    You don't see her hair which makes the difference, but she looks pretty similar. Can't wait for them to put in Renee Gracie!!! lol
  9. enzo9983

    I can run rich mix in career whole race

    You should try by going with -10L haha
  10. enzo9983

    I can run rich mix in career whole race

    I think half of those participating in this subject, don't even read. OP here explains that for ex... Race 55 laps, he takes 53 laps of fuel (-2). Obviously he would need to save some fuel but no, after few laps without even saving by going in "less fuel drinker modes", his car goes in positive for available fuel... Meaning that he could end up with tons of fuel in stock... To use all the available fuel in order to "empty" the car, he needs to be in rich mix but it obviously overheats. It probably doesn't make much sense to a big F1 game user, but maybe some newbies will understand better 😄
  11. enzo9983

    Few questions on F1 2020

    Thank you for that deep and constructive reply. I will keep doing my career on the 2019 version and as soon as I see the game is more "polished" with the coming updates and yes with non OP Ferraris anymore, I will jump on it 🙂
  12. enzo9983

    Few questions on F1 2020

    Hello all, Having been away for the last few days, I haven't looked deeply into F1 2020. I have a few questions in order to then buy it maybe... 1. I average AI between 80 and 90, I'm not a great driver but hey I have loads of fun and drive with a wheel. Are there any differences with the AI in F1 2020 than with the 2019 version ? Better AI ? Worse AI ? 2. I don't care abt the space it requires as they write on the disk version when you buy it ? On PS4 how much space does it take really ? 3. The game feels v tempting even though I am not a crazy driver who does this and no other games. Should I get it ? Or is F1 2019 better ? I would be glad for some tips and advices from other drivers as to what they think and feel about it all. Thank you 🙂