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  1. BRaid646

    The game is so boringly coded!!

    So I just did a 50% race at Hungary. Lewis Hamilton and Bottas are 12th and 18th respectively; there's 3 laps to go and my Turbo Charger breaks so I have to retire. Then all of a sudden, it's a Mercedes 1-2 win. Make the game more exciting and not just some rubbish coding that gives them the win.
  2. BRaid646

    UltraSteer SimRacing League

    Hello, I am inviting anyone who is interested our UltraSteer League. Racing on Sundays at 18:00 British Time, come and join us. We are not a tryhard league, the purpose is the fun part with the side of competition. We talk on discord so if interested, just drop your username in the replies 🙂
  3. 1. Deluxe Schumacher Edition 2. Digital 3. 14th May 4. Have bought one pack Gamertag: iTs B Raid
  4. BRaid646

    PitCoin Issue

    Hello, I am just here to say that I still haven't received the pitcoins but I didnt see the forum to put my name down in time, so I am just making this. My gamertag is iTs B Raid and I play on Xbox One Thank you
  5. BRaid646


    hello everyone im new here