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  1. Hello Rather enjoying single player for the 1st time in ages however my chassis department isn't registering all of its upgrades, it hasn't hindered development but still thought I'd raise it, pictures below I have all 12 upgrades but its only registering 11
  2. majson83

    Fantasy Calendar

    Yes i know "not this again" but there's a couple of old tracks i'd love to see back in the game, as a paid DLC would be fine to justify it etc but Istanbul Park - Like Barry said it was a great track to race on, and a great one to watch! Estoril - loved this track in the 2013 classic DLC, just so much fun especially with the classic cars Jerez - as above Imola - again as above, even better now it looks to be being used this year - though i do wonder how great it will be for a modern F1 car Brands Hatch - Man its a fun track, not for F1 cars anymore but just fun Nurburgring - again same reason as above but that 1st corner! Lovely Sepang - I prefer this to China, find the 1st set of corners better, more overtaking chances, more challenging. Hockenhiem If im honest 2013 was probably my fave version of the game, those classic cars on those classic tracks, just reminded me of times waching F1 with the grandparents and just enjoying the sheer spectacle. If we're talking utter fantasy: Magney Cours - Way more fun to watch than the current french grand prix Watkins Glen Argentina - loved that in a very very old game The old Hockenhiem - i loved it Road America Fuji Brno Donnington PArk Road Atlanta Sonoma Raceway simply as i love racing those in other games 🙂
  3. majson83

    Is it worth 50 pound at minute

    Honestly, sadly not. f1 2019 is a more rounded game right now than f1 2020 and if its for the tracks then Hockenheim is more fun than the 2 added in, not CM fault just not brilliant tracks. Zand is fun to drive but as an F1 race track, im not sure it's great as theres maybe, maybe 2 overtaking places (again, not a CM issue). Handling is generally good, I find the weather effects have clipping on side of track, the lighting on tracks seems off (cant quite put my finger on it exactly), AI seem more crash happy to me. With another patch or 2, yes, it is.
  4. majson83

    Least Favourite Track

    Basically anything designed by Tilke, so quite a lot really
  5. majson83

    Fictional Tracks

    Not sure about Fictional tracks, only Gran Turismo seems to be able to nail great fictional tracks consistently, but yes a DLC with old/classic tracks I'd be happy to pay for. 2013 was great for this, the DCL of old cars and classic tracks were a lot of fun, and some they have existing models for so you'd hope wouldnt be too much effort to release bar upgrading them for new gen maybe id love to see - they already have had these in previous games so modelled already: Jerez Imola Estoril Brands Hatch Istanbul Park Sepang Malaysia Valencia Or some ones not in games but good fun Magny Cour Donnington Adelaide Fuji Speedway Mugello (for obvious reasons) Nurburgring