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  1. Hi @BarryBL, Played a few more races, bug seems to have vanished in patch 1.13, or it isn't as noticable. Can I confirm, does it note from when you enter the pits, or from where your teams pitbox is?
  2. Hi Barry. It occurred at all tracks, although it may have been resolved in a recent patch. I will retest myself later tonight and let you know what happens
  3. In a race, the Pit Stop counter is showing pit stops as happening two laps later than what they actually are. This is on Xbox One Game Version 1.09 Grand Prix Mode This bug is occurring in all races I've ran in Grand Prix mode since the feature was added. I am racing on a Xbox One Wireless Controller Screenshots showing this are attached. The Pit Stop tab shows Max Verstappen Pitted on Lap 3, although Lap 1 of the race was just completed.
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