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  1. 1. I purchased a Schumacher Special Edition for Xbox One (physical copy). Installed the game and did the upgrade. Redeemed the Schumacher extra content using the code provided with the game on the Microsoft website. However the Schumacher extra content still appears locked to me. No error codes. 2. Xbox One 3. 1.03 4. Problem doesn't depend on game mode. 5. I don't think this is relevant to my problem as I obviously can't attempt it again since I've already redeemed the code for the extra content 6. Again, not sure what troubleshooting I can a
  2. Hello, I purchased a Schumacher Limited edition of the game from Amazon UK, and redeemed the code within the game box to unlock Schumi's helmets, liveries etc. However, whilst redeeming the code gave me 15,000 pitcoins, the Schumacher exclusive content still appears locked and would need to be bought to be used, which is quite annoying. What's gone wrong, and how to fix it? Thanks R
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