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  1. Same problem for me as mentioned above. Just want to say it to prove there are more cases. At least give the livery anyone at this point and don´t let is disappear.
  2. Had the error code NM14 in todays weekly event. What´s even worse is, that there is a special mission in podium pass on the SERIES-Challenges, where you have to drive 3 races to get that livery. Next week the livery is gone.
  3. Problem still hasn´t been solved for me. Tried a new MyCareer Savefile and pre 1.08 one, as well as multiplayer unranked lobby. Tried adapting the 2 workarounds too, neither wasn´t the issue for me either. Even when shifting down with no revs at all I still have about 0,7-1% wear per Lap.
  4. Both, as you said before, it´s very incosistent though.
  5. Sorry I forgot to mention, that those files have the gearbox wear bug in it. I just wanted to mention that those are corrupt now for some reason. Sorry for the confusion.
  6. @BarryBL So since yesterday my save file suddenly got corrupted as well, meaning that whenever I go into an gamemode, it will crash during the loading screen. I know it´s a lot to ask, but I would love it if you guys, would take a look at that as well, maybe it has a connection with one and another. It suddenly corrupted, from one day to the next, I didn´t do anything special. I tried leaving out the midsession saves, still didn´t load any gamemode. Another user on XBOX reported it on the forum, so please check it out Here the files: savegame@profile#NXDSM
  7. So on PC there is a save file thats called savegame@profile. This has stored all information you´ve given the game so far. That means also the start, where you had to accept the TOS, the customization stuff and so on. This file also holds all career, myTeam, online(Leagues, events, ranked) saves of course. I don´t really know how the files got damaged. It doesn´t make any sense. At the moment I am fiddling around what exactly is wrong with the files, or which is the problem causing as there are multiple of those(I guess copies).
  8. So since yesterday I have been experiencing the same on PC. But instead of it closing, obviously the ego dumper pops up. I tried reverting to old drivers, didn´t do anything either. I managed to work out the issue though and I´m sorry to say, the save file is corrupted. I threw out everything (saved a copy of it though) disabled steam cloud saving and then I was able to play again. Now what is weird, but I believe this is because of PC, that it didn´t crash when you were in a loading screen until the online gamemode. For me it always crashed during the loading screens. I´m
  9. It would also be good to know what the average wear% per race in either 5/50% or 100% is, so we as the players, can know when the bug is actually happening.
  10. It would be nice of you, if you tested 5 Lap races on that same safe file. It could be that the 50% races might be affected only
  11. @BarryBL So here are my results after some more testing: Plattform: PC Setup: PS4 Controller I did the exact same steps as in my first bug report: 22 Races, Oneshot-Q, MyTeam, 5 Laps ( easiest to test for me ) 1.pick merc engine 2.interview(aero,ers,power,engine-department) 3.australia practise+quali 4.pick new pu parts and new gearbox for the race 5. 5 Lap race with manual and suggested gear On Patch 1.03 (New and old save files!) Australia (5 Laps) 10% wear on gearbox Bahrain (5 Laps) 8% wear on gearbox Hanoi (5 Laps) 8% wear on gear
  12. @BarryBL So today the new update came out: V1.05 adressing the gearbox wear bug. I went into my first MyTeam save file and did a race. FYI I already did a bug a report before that is in here. Now in this save I have all gearbox reliability upgrades and my personal driver perks bought. In Spain the wear per lap was still 1%. In Lap 10 my fresh gearbox (with all new PU parts as well) had 13% which means 1.3% per lap actually. This is still too much, not only for a 50% race but especially for a 100%. I´ll say it again, it´s not my driving style, I´m shifting completely normal and
  13. Other people have been experiencing the same. If you look at my full report you´ll see I chose mercedes, which are fairly reliable. And no, it´s not my driving, I´ve looked at the gears my friend was using and there was no difference. For me to have 58% wear in one race and him having 20-30% in 6 races is definetly not my fault.
  14. Oh really? That´s good to hear. Now I wonder if it will get fixed, will it be applied to the current save files or do we need to restart the whole save? Would be nice to hear a bold prediction on that one, as I do not want to waste so much time! ^^´
  15. 1. In MyTeam mode the gearbox wear is excessively high. It gets to the point in 50% races where I have to get a new gearbox every 2 races. 2. PC. 3. V1.03. 4. MyTeam. 5. I tried starting new save files 6 times. + a friend started a save file to check some numbers with me (see below on point 8). 1. Start MyTeam 2.Mercedes Engine 3.Interview choose the following : free aero upgrade, ers upgrade, engine power upgrade and engine facility 4.finish practice and quali 5.select completely new gearbox and PU parts before each race and do either 5 Lap races
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