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  1. @BarryBL what's the point in having a forum to raise issues if everything just gets ignored? Surely an actually issue logging system would be better for your paying customers?
  2. So as this was an overwhelming “victory” for the too easy voters, how do we now raise this to the devs? I think the best part of 2/3 of people (at time of writing) thinking the mode is too easy signifies that we, as customers, think it’s broken and would like something done about it. Probably, being realistic, not for this release but definitely for the next release it should be a feasible change. More so than feasible, a worthy change. Personally, an “off track” scale for difficulty seems an obvious method, as this could kill many birds with one stone. Problems such as having ex
  3. Yep, It's been this way in many previous instances of the F1 series and reported as such many times. Dev's don't seem to be addressing though. Here are a couple other threads I've been involved in with the same issues : I initially thought it was an issue with the game not being able to read from storage quick enough to render the image as it "pops in" - though I now doubt this as no matter how long you wait in game, it never fixes - the game goes "idle" before that. And similarly it happens in showroom - though sometimes they will clear themselves up there 🤔
  4. Those times would come from many simulations back at the factory, with the current car setup and track conditions etc. So they should be accurate. Also, the times might not be the times the teams would WANT to achieve, but they would have a pretty good idea going into the weekend what times they CAN achieve. Personally, I don't find them particularly difficult either, I don't have numbers to back this up, but the race sim always seems to have a target time up to 1s slower than I find I actually go during the race. Some of the practice programs aren't particularly realistic from my experience t
  5. Well that’s pretty inspirational in it’s self! And sorry, just to be clear, my post wasn’t a “dig” or anything like that about the AI level when racing. Everyone can race at their own level and that was kind of my point, AI speed doesn’t effect the resource points received. Keep up the good work though, happy racing 🙂
  6. I kind of have to disagree. I like league racing, but haven’t done it recently due to timings and other commitments as well. I am looking to change this and get back into it however. Also general multiplayer is a mess so I’ve avoided that like the plague, if I want to do one-off online races I generally go to AC/ACC/PC2. So offline is how I mainly play F1, and mostly it’s for the structure and narrative, so I disagree that it’s geared towards new players. There are some corners cut to simplify and appeal to them, yes. But I think it should be applicable to both new and existing players of all
  7. I do not race on 70% difficulty. I'm currently 105%, with constant push to get it higher. As I said in the initial post, I expect someone who is at 70% level to experience similar results. That is because the amount of resource points do not scale with difficulty. If your level is 70% and you have to work for your goals/practice programs/accurate race results, then thats no different to me racing on 105% and doing the same, or in fact someone racing on 110% - the resource points would be the same.
  8. @Malarky94 Surely that answer confirms there’s something inherently wrong with the game model then? If you have to actively hold yourself back to keep it balanced..
  9. @Mintona I have! Luckily I’ve managed to get one race a night in, fairly consistently over the past month. Babies bed time, film/tv series with the gf and then a race while she does her own stuff too.. @marioho Thanks for expanding on my thoughts. I also agree that if it doesn’t take longer for the player team to get to the front, the AI need to remain as competitive. I don’t like artificial game mechanics but something needs to be done to keep the next closest (in reality I would like next 2/3 closest) teams within touching distance of the player. Currently the gulf between me a
  10. @Lakrits I do 50% races. Until this season (S3) I had full Q (now I'm on one-shot, just for the change more than anything, to keep it feeling interesting) and of course you can't change the P length, it's set by the race distance I believe (another of my annoyances). However, the need to run anymore than 9/10 laps in P isn't there.. I personally don't need the practice, the car requires only minor tweaks season to season, the tracks don't change year to year (unlike real life with resurfacing or corner tweaks etc) and the car doesn't react realistically to different temperature conditions
  11. @Lakrits Understood, and I agree that some would lose interest - which is why I think there should be a difficulty setting for this too. Personally, I would want a longer game and this game COULD last me until F1 2021 but only if I had to really work for the accomplishments. If I had to invest multiple in game seasons to become WDC/WCC then I would and it could keep me going until 2021. But at the mid point in S2 with the best car and throughout S3 it looks like I'll have no challenge at all, I'm kind of done with it. I'll finish this seasons to hopefully win both titles but I want to be
  12. Hi all, looking to start a discussion and get your opinions and thought… The question : Is My Team mode too easy? It’s a simple question although I’m sure the answers will be anything but simple.. Before we get going though, this is not relating to the AI difficultly level while racing. I race with the difficulty set high, but my results are relative to my car and teammate, so I’m expecting similar experiences for people racing on 70 difficulty, for example.. I think the mode IS too easy, and I’ll give my thoughts.. In S1, I started with a Merc Engine, Jorda
  13. @BarryBL Is there ever going to be a fix for this? It's not something new to this game (although it does seem more pronounced)! It looks truly horrific.. Key points of interest are: - The livery on the halo - The livery on the cockpit padding - The FIA entry sticker - The team kit (My team and the visible Mercedes team) - The media vest on the camera man
  14. Here's an even better example. Notice the centre of the halo and the cockpit head protection padding..
  15. Yes I agree I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it before, but it shouldn’t be happening - hence the issue report.
  16. I hope not. The game is designed to be ran in 4k and those textures are close up and in the eye line, so I would think they'd be a high enough resolution to fulfil those requirements. Those textures should be too close to the camera for it be an LOD issue?
  17. 1. A detailed description of the issue. As you’ll see from the screenshot, where different colours on the livery meet, the differentiation between them is very aliased. The jagged edges are extremely noticeable as it looks like there’s not AA being applied to them? I though this post processing was implemented? 2. Platform PS4 Pro 3. What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 1.08 4. Game-mode? My team, TT are the only modes I’ve used. Both have the issue.
  18. It’d be nice to have full customisation over the full weekend length. Yes I know you can select the race length, but that in turn sets the P length. Probably like most of you, the 50% I run means I have 3x 45 min P sessions. I do not however need all of this time and 45 mins is ample. So, in a nut shell, I’d like to be able to select just 1 Practice session.. I personally don’t need the extra time on track, and of course the car doesn’t react to climatic/temp conditions like in real life so that’s one less thing to adapt the car to in P. So really, there no incentive for me to run any mo
  19. I agree the AI benefit more from car improvements.. BUT, I believe, only probably because it takes me (us) longer to adapt to the increased performance. Well, in fact the AI doesn't have to learn to adjust at all. I 100% know that the AI completely smash me on a fully maxed out car. On any track, I can pick my best track, but they'll win - by a margin too. Mainly because I know that I have to brake at 85m, get on the throttle at the apex etc etc, but with a maxed out car, I can brake at 50m, get on the power sooner and harder, turn in later etc. With time I would close the gap, but the unreali
  20. Yeah, Thanks for the info on that other thread @marioho I think I understand why it's like this. I guess to provide a baseline that is scalable and adjustable to difficulty etc? It is frustrating though that it's not a level playing field. Does this mean that the 1-11 sliders for aero are track specific? It'd be a silly way of doing it if it were! But with 6-6 being optimum to match AI top end (according to KrazyLurt in the other thread), thats bang in the middle of a 1-11 scale. Could this mean the numbers are arbitrary, where anything lower than 6 is less downforce/drag compared to the
  21. Oh interesting, thanks for confirming. Sorry I wasn’t trying to question your coding, just trying to find solutions to this as it most definitely is a strange one! It’s also something that would have to have been a deliberate act, which makes it more baffling! I don’t want to take that one line from David Greco as gospel, it’s not exactly a comprehensive answer, so I would still like clarification (although I’m aware I’ll likely never get it), as I can’t understand why they would make it like that? Especially when the game is fundamentally about car performance and making improvements, but the
  22. Yes I agree, I feel they’re heavily scripted in terms of pace, which for P for example, is fine - as their involvement in that session is a non issue. But for a racing situation, they should also have to “drive” the race and be bound to the constraints of their car setup and track conditions etc. It definitely feels like they’re designed to do a specific laptime for any given difficulty level - rather than an increased intelligence or consistency. I’m still not 100% that they are running that setup at every track, I’m still leaning towards the telemetry not outputting t
  23. That all sounds too similar. I completely agree that from my experiences, the AI is just boosted in performance as the difficulty rises. I play on broadly the same difficulty (105 currently) but the AI have noticeable boosts in certain areas, or sometimes a lack of negative effects from conditions. It looks to me like poorly optimised AI. IMO, 110% should be the "default" AI level, and anything lower selected should make the AI more susceptible to errors, less accurate on taking the racing line, less confident on the throttle etc etc. Nothing significant, as the differences are around 0.
  24. Are we sure that's the AI setup? That is the balanced/default setup from the 5 built in selections, but are we sure all of the AI are running this and at all tracks? Where did you get that info from? A telemetry app? Could it be that the setup info for AI isn't broadcast by the telemetry? In which case, the app is just defaulting to the, well, default. I have noticed in the telemetry app I use, that some parameters for the player aren't visible for AI either.. IF, and it is an IF of course as we don't know, the AI are running that setup at all tracks, there would surely have to be
  25. In real life, setups between teams mates are transparent. Both sides of the garage will have access to the setup data for each car. Practice run plans often are mirrored, so they can get back to back comparisons between different setups. Amongst other things, this can include tyre pressures, suspension setups (camber, ride height, roll stiffness, torsion bars etc..), wing levels - all of which are modifiable in game. So therefore, it'd be nice to be able to at least see what setup your team mate is running. As a player, we could then do something different to find out the relative strengths an
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