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  1. It's super annoying as I leave the MFD up at all times as on triple screens it's way off to the side anyway, but when the tyre wear kicks in, it moves it to that panel, then closes! So every certain % of tyre wear I have to re-open back to where I want to see (even if that's the tyre wear panel).
  2. No, it's only when I reload a mid-session save - 90% of the time I can't do flashbacks anymore
  3. A detailed description of the issue. Whenever I load from a mid-session save, I can no longer Flashback, and damage is set to zero. Platform? Steam Game-mode? My Team - Season 1 What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. Kind of like the co-op career being stuck on Equal performance cars, if I go into Time Trial, it sets the Recovery to "Auto Reset to Track" and if I then load my mid-session save, it'll do the Auto reset to track, but still not allow flashbacks. How do yo
  4. It's definitely an issue but neither of you tried braking whatsoever? It's a 90 deg turn and you're having issues with exiting, just do a bit of braking and then turn and it's nbd.
  5. A detailed description of the issue. I'm learning to play with no assists on which results in a lot of Flashbacks. Whenever I crash with a result of adding debris to the track, after flashing back to before the damage was done, Jeff says his "Looks like there's been an incident on track, resulting in debris, etc, etc" as if someone else crashed and that the debris exists post-crash. Platform? Steam Game-mode? My Team What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. Only thing I've tried is
  6. Yeah like I 100% get that the wheel has a Torque warning but F1 2021 is doing 100% FFB at random times when I take control. It can be practice programmes, Qualy, etc. The game hitches, it does 100% to the right and now I'm white-knuckling as hard as I can at a 45deg angle to the left when I gain control and not using throttle to lessen the blow. It's really frustrating to deal with.
  7. Right there with ya, my DD2 sprained my wrist and now I'm forced to play on super low FFB for 2 reasons now lol. I'd love to hear that they know this bug exists and are working on a resolution.
  8. I've started to just not apply the gas pedal until after I gain control of the car and there's only a VERY slight jerk. It's a very annoying issue and already injured me once with my DD2. If I play normally, when I gain control it does 20Nm of FFB on my wrist turning sharp to the right.
  9. I just checked and I have all the items back again, I haven't checked the MyTeam Icons as I need to restart my MyTeam save, which I'll do tonight. Thank you for the quick fix! EDIT: And I'm in Canada just in case that helps out at all! Usually we're just tied in with the US though with stuff like this.
  10. Windows 11 is amazing. I like everything except for the Audio switcher, it only allows quick access to outputs and not your inputs. At least on 10, I could quickly get to old school menus from before Windows 10 but now it's even more hidden than ever. Other than that it's great! I can also confirm that now I randomly have the Breaking Point Items back but not the rest of the Deluxe items, the car, gloves, etc. This is so odd.
  11. I have been having this same issue and on the release of Patch 1.04 it cranked my wrist and sprained it lol. Brutal and hurt like hell for a while. My friend and I trying to do co-op career kept having to restart too because it kept happening to us.
  12. I can confirm I have the exact same issue, but a little different. It says I don't own the "Deluxe Upgrade Pack" and instead own the 3 individual DLCs that make up the Pack - I'm not sure if that helps at all? At launch of the Deluxe on the 13th I got my Loyalty bonus items as well as being able to equip the Deluxe Pack car and items, but it gave me a pop-up when Patch 1.04 came out that I no longer had the DLC installed and so it took the items away.. I verified the files, re-installed, etc, no dice. I also had an issue when Patch 1.04 came out that it said the game was not yet rel
  13. Ya it's driving me nuts as well...with the challenges that rotate and the Podium Pass counting down while I have zero motivation to keep trying to play my Career as I can get DSQ after trying various methods on a 30 min race, 3 times over. I finally got it to work once and only because I had to pit a 2nd time, while dropped me from a tough fought 3rd down to 9th...woo..
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