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  1. Epi2


  2. Epi2

    Who gets pre-order Pitcoins Query

    if you preordered it yes.
  3. Epi2

    Facilities not upgrading

    Post in Bug Report section.
  4. it will be on the same screen when you get to choose your new main sponsor.
  5. Epi2

    My Team - Changing Engine Suppliers

    the option was there when you got to choose your new main sponsor, looks like you missed it.
  6. Epi2

    Swapping Engine Supplier

    not sure if this helps, i had a regulation change for the engine first season, ended up swapping engines to a different supplier, the things i protected were still there the second season, durability didnt change either, hope this helps. 🙂
  7. Epi2

    unpossible lap times

    impossible.. the word you are looking for is impossible, and its just practice practice practice...