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  1. On 6/25/2020 at 6:05 PM, ragsteri said:


    Does anyone had same kind of issue as we do? Game freezes when pressing Esc on SS or in the end of SS.

    I have done next steps:

    - updated Windows, BIOS, chipset drivers and graphics card drivers

    - tried windowed and fullscreen mode

    - Windows Game Mode on and off

    - tried to run game as adminstrator, win 7 and 8 compability modes

    - with and without VR glasses

    Our setup: 8 ball pool

    Ryzen 3600, MSI Gaming Plus Max, 16gb, Titan X (Maxwell), AOC 27" 144hz and Samsung Odyssey+ VR glasses

    Fanatec CSW 2.5, Fanatec CSP V1 pedals, SHH shifter

    Windows 10 Pro 

    I have no idea what to do anymore. Expect re-installing Windows... And we have same kind of issue with DiRT Rally. When game is loading SS, it freezes and we can't even start the SS.

    So, is there anything that I could do?

    Same thing happens to me. I have no idea whats going on