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  1. PeterErnst

    Patch 1.09 and Patch 1.10 | Patch Notes

    No news here? See this question by many other users but none recieves a proper reply or an answer in general. Please can someone give a comment to this?
  2. PeterErnst

    Patch 1.09 and Patch 1.10 | Patch Notes

    What about the Marketing department? Is that one fixed or still broken? It is still deactivated in my Team in order not to loose further exp. Thought 1.09 will fix that one .... Br
  3. Hi Guys, maybe I have just not found it in the patch notes but what about the issue with the Marketing Department? Is this on fixed? I have this one still deactivated in My Team career mode since i would loose exp points rather thain gain ones. If i missed it somewhere that this is fixed I am sorry but if this is still open .... will this be fixed soon ? Looking forward to hearing from you.
  4. Thanks for your help. After shutting down the Marketing Department it works again with the percentage gain after various sessions however the amount of interviews is still not very often (I do not really miss them but it is just less) Anyhow thanks a lot for you help. BR Chris
  5. Has no one an idea how to solve this or how to "workaround" it? I assume that much more players should or will face the same issue since I have read that there are people also in second or third season. I would appreciate any kind of feedback ... I do miss my Team :P BR Chris
  6. Hi there, i do have the same problem as discriped above. I just finished my first "My Team Career" with 10 races and started in my second Season now (increased now to 16 races). Since I recieved quiet some money at the end of Season 1 i upgraded my caracter to the max (all Driver boni 3/3) and upgraded every technical office (engine, Marketing, etc.) to Level 1 Now after my first quali in Australia i ended up in P1 and finished the race in P1. I have not recieved experience Points for the Team (even it says 52% reward) nor did I had a interview after quali and race ( which i normally had in the past) As discriped above my experice bar is also moving slightly to the left instead to the right. Usually you can see a white bar of the experience you already have and then a "pale" White bar and a pale blue bit of what is going to happen but since Season 2 the experience bar is complete White in colour (no pale bits) and, as said, moving in the wrong way ^^ I am playing on PS4 game Version 1.04 70 years Michael Schumacher edition I hope you can help us out here or at least tell us that this is something which need to be fixed at the next update but it does not make too much sense to continue Season 2 for me now unfortunately. BR Chris P.S. sorry for my english i hope it is understandable.