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  1. As above, I get SC on every mechanical failure with car parking in safe spots. Think about disabling SC completely because it is too annoying..
  2. Just wondering how this viable issue on the workflow which happens nearly every race has got past testers without being detected. Like "No need to test - it worked last year, will work this time as well."? 😄
  3. Same here. Steam, 1.03, 1.05 and now 1.06, My Team mode with 50% races. Every race since the very first one, at least 1x SC per race. Couple of times it was justified (mass crash in rain etc.) but the rest were just AI retirements with very safe parking away from track. Very very odd.
  4. Having at least a choise of an option would be good. On/Off switch or push&hold. Furthermore, we already had push&hold mechanics in KERS age (2013?), it worked perfectly 🙂
  5. As long as I don't need to pay for R&D and/or another season in career mode, I'm fine with it 😄
  6. Similar here (or almost). I'm doing My Team mode, 50% race, full qualifying, auto gearbox and mine was on 80% wear after only 4 races. So you can guess where all my R&D points go 😄 It has also become harder this year because R&D tree is slightly different - there is no "gearbox-branch" anymore and you have to do some another upgrades in order to unlock forther gearbox durability level.
  7. DC87

    AI Penalties

    Did somebody also seen penalties from changing engine parts? E.g. gearbox change only after 5 races or 3rd engine etc.? Do AI engine systems wear out at all?
  8. I find wet AI and car handling much better and bit easier this year compared to F1 2019. Still, you need to have correct setup - I forgot to change front wing setting during pit from dry to wet tyres once and this stint was just awful 😄
  9. Or another thought - let the AI adapt during practice sessions. Let's say, you're doing couple of laps in P1 and there would be some AI options like how competitive you would like to be (e.g. racing among top 3 teams or just competing with Williams etc.). Then the game adjusts AI difficulty setting according to your choice and lap time (easy = Mercedes times are like yours, hard = your times are only good to beat Williams). And this setting shall be valid through complete weekend - as for now, I even have to adjust AI to 5-10 points more for the race, otherwise I'm still 2-2,5s/lap faster even
  10. AI seems to be very inconsistent for me. For example, I raced on AI 75 in Baku and in the next race Canada I had to lower it down to 65 to get around same position and not stay 3-5s behind last place.
  11. Good point but the AI doesn't seem to be consistent, though. In one race I set it to somewhere around 65 to be able to keep my position somewhere in the middle (keyboard player, yes :D) but in another one I was on par with Mercedes even on AI 70 - very strange. So, basically, I have to play with AI setting every race.
  12. Did someboy encounter a "problem" that SC is deployed on almost every occasion? I play "My Team" mode on PC and have already done 10 races and I had SC in every race. 2 or 3 times it was really necessary (e.g. mass crash in rain) but every another time it was just some random retiring AI which stopped the car in safety zone far enough from the track and actual racing line. I find it ok the 1-2 cars retire because of failure every race but it must not be SC every time... Maybe some setting about SC likeliness would be good or at least some tweaks for the SC trigger.
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