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  1. RtMania

    F1 2020, auto-save and load problem.

    I mean, this is still a problem even after some updates and a month and something later, so if i dont find anything, i will probably have to resort to that solution.
  2. RtMania

    F1 2020, auto-save and load problem.

    If i find something, will i contact you of course. I mean we bought a game. We should be a able to play it 😛
  3. So i bought f1 2020 about 2 days ago. Love the game but i found one major issue. Every time i open the game, i get the message of "SAVE FAILED" or "LOAD FAILED". Every time it's different and i noticed that it doesn't follow a patern. Tried playing mycareer. Finished F2 and went to F1. Finishing the first race i go to close the game and it says that "save failed", so i had to give up on all the progress i made. Even though my Tier hasn't reset, my progress resets as well with my character. Does anyone know why this is happening? Have the game for pc, Steam.
  4. So, i bought F1 2020 as my first Formula game. After watching F1 for 2 years, i thought it would be cool to try and play. So i bought F1 2020, downloaded it and opened it up. First thing that pops up is that the auto-save doesn't work. And me being the casual but somewhat clever gamer i am, searched why it didn't work. After approximately 2 hours of google and files, i found nothing. So in conclusion, does any one have a fix? Steam version btw. TL;DR F1 2020 for pc steam doesn't auto-save.