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  1. So i bought f1 2020 about 2 days ago. Love the game but i found one major issue. Every time i open the game, i get the message of "SAVE FAILED" or "LOAD FAILED". Every time it's different and i noticed that it doesn't follow a patern. Tried playing mycareer. Finished F2 and went to F1. Finishing the first race i go to close the game and it says that "save failed", so i had to give up on all the progress i made. Even though my Tier hasn't reset, my progress resets as well with my character. Does anyone know why this is happening? Have the game for pc, Steam.
  2. RtMania

    F1 2020, auto-save and load problem.

    I mean, this is still a problem even after some updates and a month and something later, so if i dont find anything, i will probably have to resort to that solution.
  3. RtMania

    F1 2020, auto-save and load problem.

    If i find something, will i contact you of course. I mean we bought a game. We should be a able to play it 😛
  4. So, i bought F1 2020 as my first Formula game. After watching F1 for 2 years, i thought it would be cool to try and play. So i bought F1 2020, downloaded it and opened it up. First thing that pops up is that the auto-save doesn't work. And me being the casual but somewhat clever gamer i am, searched why it didn't work. After approximately 2 hours of google and files, i found nothing. So in conclusion, does any one have a fix? Steam version btw. TL;DR F1 2020 for pc steam doesn't auto-save.