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  1. 3 hours ago, marioho said:


    Does it happen only with Ferrari and RBR in your game? 

    Heh, never noticed that the signature actually changes too. Cute.

    Yeah I’m pretty sure the others have the correct chassis name

    However I’ve just realised in the Williams it says ‘FV43B’ instead of ‘FW43B’

    It’s definitely not game breaking or anything just wondering if anyone else had this problem 

  2. 1 minute ago, Nightfire1964 said:

    is there a driver helmet mix? as i didn't know there was one

    Yeah I’ve seen some videos about it. It looks great in cockpit cam as it changes the sound to something which a driver would hear (muffled engine, clearer Jeff etc)

  3. Just a few things I’ve noticed:

    1. The chassis name for some cars is incorrect on the label in cockpit cam to the left, for example the Ferrari and red bull both say ‘CM21’ and the Williams says ‘FV43B’

    2. I can’t find the option to turn on driver helmet mix in the audio settings, is this just for next gen?

    3. There’s only 1 kind of puncture which is the one we’ve seen in previous years, whereas I’ve seen videos where people get a different type where the tyre surface completely comes off the wheel, is this again just for next gen?




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